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    How to fix FakePlayer?

    I installed a squad update from a YouTube channel, and when I load the squads, there's like 2800/500 in free agents section, and half of them are named FakePlayer. How do I delete these? These players keep coming in career mode, and it's annoying. Ruins the game. Please help.
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    Request for UEFA Europa conference league in career mode

    Can someone create the new UEFA competition, the Europa conference league, for FIFA 15? You can upload the files here
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    Change songs in FIFA 15

    Does anyone know how to change in game music to your own custom music? Please help
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    20/21 kits for FIFA 15

    Please upload all the 20/21 kits for FIFA 15 in this thread. Also, please upload the installation if you can. Thank you!
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    Tottenham Hotspur new stadium

    I request all the modders to please make the new Tottenham stadium for FIFA 15 If not, please tell me how to, so that I can make one and upload it
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    Kits of season 18/19 for FIFA 15

    Can somebody please provide season 18/19 kits for FIFA 15? I really want it. The season is about to get over but nobody has made it yet for 15. And those kits must have proper number font style and colour. Please. For FIFA 15