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    Editing EA's Euro12 patch

    Anyone know if there's anyway you could edit the EA's official Euro2012 patch? Apparently, you can't edit it with the creation master
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    Request for the J League Face

    may I request for the J League Faces, THX!!
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    Request for the J League Face

    may I request for the J League Faces, THX!!
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    J League patch for FIFA2011

    Can anyone make a JLeague patch for FIFa11? Thanks!
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    Create team on CM11

    I created my own team on CM11 but can't add it in the league. I created Spain U-21 and tried to add it into International (the league) but can't find my team Please help! Thanks
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    World-Wide National Teams Patch installing problems (please help, please....)

    Can anyone please tell me how to instal World-Wide National Teams Patch step-by step? I know it sounds stupid but I'm really not as good as you experts. I spent lots of time on this and I still don't get a clue. Thanks alot.
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Game Crashed

    Did anyone download the 2010 FIFA World Cup Game that posted by Merdiso. That looked brilliant but after I installed it, it crashed. When I started to craete a new profile, the game just not working, please help! Thanks for those...
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    Restore the original fifa.db

    How to restore the original fifa.db ? Thanks!!
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    FIFA10 Manager Mode Help

    I got some problem on my FIFA10 Actually, when I opened or created a manager mode career, everything was alright but after I played the first game (either play or quick sim) it just screwed. The problem occured when the system was loading on the transfer stuff (completing transfer), please...