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    M4rsAttack's Faces (WWTFM)

    Hey guys!! here we are again :) i'm missing editing, but my arm is still no 100% good.. anyway, just passed here to say hi :) DOWNLOAD ZONE
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    M4rsAttack's Faces

    hi guys, let's start again!!!! Download Zone
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    M4rsAttack's FIFA 14 Faces

    let's start with new faces for FIFA 14!! DownloadZone Inter Pack Vol.1 Handanovic, Campagnaro, Ranocchia, Kovacic, Palacio preview Inter Fix 1 Palacio, Campagnaro preview Milan-Roma Pack Vol.1 El Shaarawy, Poli, De Sanctis, Maicon, Pjanic preview Serie A Mix One J.Jesus, Guarin, Ricky...
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    M4rsAttack's Faces FIFA13

    Hi dudes, i'm a beginner facemaker of FIFA.. let's do some faces together :) Actually i'm not working with blender, but as soon as i'll learn to use it i'm sure will improve my faces. so, let's start with some previews.. any suggestions for 3D improvement are welcome Download List Cagliari...