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    ∴∴∴[Kuma] Kits∴∴∴

    Long time no see. mates. nobody remember me.:mrpimp: my first FIFA08 Kits. Korea 0810 new kits and fonts. Install - Kits and Fonts: use CM08 editor of course it is possible using Kit raptor when you install the only kits. After installing, please operate fatbuilder. - You have...
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    It's [KuMA] Brands Kits..Welcome your Request!

    Manchester United Home/Away/Goalie Kits For Season Hi..everyone.. Long time no see.. I don't think you remember me..:nape: This is My first sections in sg 07forum. So, I hope using better.. and Welcome your request always..wrote this tread your hoping, then do my best for u...
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    Where I get the NIKE,Adidas and Puma NEW Font..?

    Where I get the NIKE,Adidas and Puma NEW Font..? I can't find those.. plz..tell me
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    Can't we change kits front number placement?

    Did you saw new adidas and italy puma kits? there kits number change placement to the chest. then... Can't I change that placement in fifa game? We only see center number font in game.. What do you think this editing? talk free..
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    ChangeUP! Super Patch v1.0 released!

    ############### ChangeUP! SuperPatch v1.0 ############### DOWNLOAD Click! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @ Introduce - Create Korea, Japan and Netherlands National Team. - Present latest Korea, Japan and Netherlands Roster. - Present Korea...
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    why Player trash their face after came Korea national team.

    I make hidden national team that south Korea national team. I used Uni DB that is roster edit program. but, ea sports editors lock something in Korea team. You know Ji-Sung Park?? (playing Manchester united and he is Korean soccer player) I copy Ji-Sung's ID from the manchester. and...
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    How i find hidden national team...?

    Hi.. I have one question. Do you know National hidden team's ID? I can't find it.. If you know that please tell me.. bye~
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    My first thread in FIFA06 sg forum. These days, reliezed Germany WC 06 Home kit pictures. but that is informal. I exhibit only Front big size sample. Hope that good sight for u. Goday~! :ewan:
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    where I get the 06~07 new club kits pictures?

    Hi.. Where I get the 06~07season club new kits pictures? ex)AC milan, Real madrid, newcastle..etc... I can't see anywhere... plz..tell me..
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    How do I get a picture under my username?

    How do I get a picture under my username? Avatars provided by the administrator and upload myself. but.. where I upload my avatar image ,myself? I can't see that... plz...tell me.. :jambo:
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    Kuma FIFA2005 Kits Thread!

    Hi...everyguys... Long time no see....but...maby you don't remember me... I made a Man United Home & Away jerjey... I hope that u enjoy fifa gaming whit my kits... Goday~~~!
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    I want this template..Need now..

    Hi..mate. Need this template. Is this GooGoo's template? Mr.GooGoo or other freind..plz upload this template. or send me my e-mail : [email protected] plz. remain comment... Thank's~!:D
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    Who made thie template?

    Is this dodger's template? I want this template..but can't meet dodger. plz..send me this template.. plz... or upload this board..plz. my e-mail : [email protected] I wait your mail.. ^^;; thank's mates.
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    Kuma's 2GK KITshop

    Open my shop. mate. plz. Look shine eyes and write some comments. Best to myself in patchshop. HoHo~~~~ ^^ Goday~!:mrpimp:
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    [Kuma] Real Madrid 2GK home Kit complete~!

    It's real~! ^^:; I made it. No comment. Goday~!:mrpimp:
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    Q: where I get thie template.. I hope want this..

    I want this...but can't this templete anyway.... me...^^ or sen me the file : [email protected] Goday~!:mrpimp:
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    [KOREA] Worldcup Kit released!!!! I released my first kit. This is Korea's home kit. No comment..? ¤Ñ.¤Ñ;;; Goday~!:mrpimp:
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    KOREA WorldCup Kit Progress by Kuma

    7/13 - Change. - Accept one more picture in kit raptor shot. - Not draw a shirts line. I'm Kuma and first writing here. I made a KOREA kits. but Not completing. write a comment down. ( This kits like Fede's kits. because I looked Fede's kits and made...