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    Keegan's Thread. [Still No Requests]

    Stuned:D Still no request and perfect boots:D I never told you, but i love Jamaican theme in your boots <3 haha :)) greetings from Poland!
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    My mate, it's a big pleasure to see your masterpieces again. Faces are near perfection! Keep goin' on! Goodluck!
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    shadow_boy32 faces

    Sth wrong with Zokora, better compare it with his real pics and try to improve, however you made a good job;) faces looks good and realistic. Keep on practising! Goodluck:)
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    Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict

    Now not:D but few days ago was snowing nice:D and my last match was revoked. By the Real Madrid kits u made me install fifa 2005 :x I guess why your topic isn;t sticked <haha> And i hope we'll see at Euro2012:D i predict final : spain - england :D
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    Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict

    as i'am listening to black dog:D i still wonder how perfect your kits are:D greetings from Poland! it's pleasure for my eyes x,x
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    Keegan's Next-Gen Boots

    nearly perfect really i'am impressed:o
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    Keegan's Boot Emporium (No Requests)

    You are still the best:D waiting for moment when sb destroy you:P
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    Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict

    Hello my friend:) your kits are still the best:D BLESS!
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    another face thread xD

    Pure Genius:) Your faces are still amazing:) Greets my Hero:bouncy:
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    RD86's Boots

    hah I'am impressed=) as few ppl said best bootmaker both with Keegan:bob:
  11. A thread (walczu & piwskozulik)

    still askin' what about RAUL:D?
  12. A thread (walczu & piwskozulik)

    please realse raul...:)
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    Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict

    one word to describe your work:)-PeRfEcT ! Greeting my Dear Friend!Hope u'll never end with kitsmaking :-) All kits ingame looks like real:D
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    UEFA Euro 2008 Patch for FIFA 07!

    hello Robbie :D i see that you continue your patch :d that's gr8 news greetings!
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    Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict

    your kits are prefect :) everybody can learn from you;P i just started semi school:d there's hard but i'am fine :) maybe someday i back to this old sh!t :D greetings;)
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    Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict

    God bless you Pede :D still best kitsmaker ! Greeting :D hope u didnt forget me x)
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    Tosiek's Sig Thread

    Thank you Very Much Anthony;) looks amazing :) Greetings
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    Tosiek's Sig Thread

    ok, i just asked... :) so calm down a bit;p greetings;]
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    Tosiek's Sig Thread

    what about my request ^^?
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    Tosiek's Sig Thread

    hi there can u make for me signature and avatar about Saint Seiya? theres few images