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  1. razvanultra55

    FIFA 20 DX12 Reshades

    FIFA 20 DX12 Reshades Hy guys, i'm testing new reshades for FIFA 20 with DX12 support. Bellow some testing screens. Give some feedback over what you see, and if it's ok i will publish a test for everyone who wants to test it.
  2. razvanultra55

    FIFA 19 New Reshade Graphics.

    I've been working these days on a new reshade graphic system for FIFA 19, by the way, i've missed modding FIFA too. So, in the pictures below, you will see the new system of reshades, with HDR, Cinematic depth, etc...if you like it i will give it publicly. FIFA 19 settings are on ULTRA with DX12!
  3. razvanultra55

    FIFA 16 Language Pack (With Updates)

    As every year now, i bring you the FIFA 16 Language Pack. The format is ".iso", as usual, and its easy to install. The installation kit is multilanguage, as usual, for everyone to choose his native language. To start the installation kit please use the Autorun function poping-up on your screen...
  4. razvanultra55

    FIFA 15 HD Leagues Logos

    This patch conteins HD logos for this 7 Championships: 1.English BPL 2.French Ligue 1 3.German Bundesliga 4.Italian Serie A 5.Spanish Liga BBVA 6. Brasilian League 7. Mexican League Download LINK The patch is ".cmp", so use latest build of Rinaldo's CM15, and for now, the patch works with all...
  5. razvanultra55

    FIFA 15 Tournament Files

    WIth FIFA File Explorer i've found out the ".rx3" files for the Champions Cup aka Champions League & EURO League aka Europa League. If it they are FIFA 15 Tournament files If you are interested i can provide the banner ".rx3" files too
  6. razvanultra55

    FIFA 15 Language Pack

    As every year now, i bring you the FIFA 15 Language Pack. The format is ".iso", as usual, and its easy to install. Tha iso containes language files as follows: English (US / UK), العربية, Dansk, Deutsch (DE), Español (ES), Español (MX), Français (FR)...
  7. razvanultra55

    FIFA 14 iEnhancer 3.0 GFX Graphics

    Fifa 14 iEnhancer 3.0 GFX Graphics Based on Grand Theft Auto IV iCEnhancer and with the graphics pack by some modder from soccergaming forum, i've developed this GFX system for FIFA 14. Unfortunaly, if you don't have a powerful CPU & GPU, its imposible to use it. Enjoy! Please test it and...
  8. razvanultra55

    FIFA 14 HD Sweet FX

    After few days of testing,tweeking and, again, testing, i've managed to come up with this SweetFX HD render for FIFA14. As you can see in the screens bellow, the game looks awsome. Hope you like it. SCREEN TUTORIAL In-GAME SCREENS Download Link...
  9. razvanultra55

    FIFA 14 Language Pack

    Hy everybody! Like last year, i come back and give u all the languages available outhere for your favorite soccer-sim, FIFA 14. Easy to install, with no errors, and proved to be working. After downloading, unrar and use the "FIFA 14 Language Pack.exe" and give the location of your game (exe: C...
  10. razvanultra55

    DB Master 13 Beta 1

    DB Master 13 Beta 1Donwload
  11. razvanultra55

    FIFA 13 Romanian Translation

    Hy guys! For couple of days, now, i've started a huge job for all Romanian FIFA fans, and that is to translate everything that is to translate in game into Romanian language. If there is anyone with a lot of spare time and with the desire to help, please PM me. And now....the first in-game...
  12. razvanultra55

    EPL and Liga BBVA Scoreboards and Pop-ups Templates

    This are not my work, there are KO's work for PES 12/13, but if there is someone in here who can use this for will be great! LIGA BBVA 16:9 Download LIGA BBVA 4:3 Download EPL so good luck guys!
  13. razvanultra55

    FIFA 13 Graphic Enhancement

    This tool was made by a friend, Violator, and i give it to you, to enhance your game with it. All credits goes to him. I will post some settings, depending on your graphic card power, you can adjust them or not, but, after some hours on testing it, this are the best (so far), settings. FXAA...
  14. razvanultra55

    GolTV Logos

    European Leagues
  15. razvanultra55

    FIFA 13 New Update Via ORIGIN

    There is a new update via ORIGIN update system, over 170MB, so just check for updates and u will get it! I will provide soon info about the changelog...if there is any.
  16. razvanultra55

    FIFA 13 High Settings

    Based on last years tweeks, i've made a FIFA 13 High-End Graphic Mod for high-end graphic cards on settings.lua new test win ENB series The ENB series from HERE For the ENB series to work u will have to rename "IGO32.dll" file in the "Origin" folder. New test with...
  17. razvanultra55

    FIFA 13 Liga BBVA Adboards

    I would like to thank scouser09 for his work! This pack is based on Revolution Mod 13 Just unrar the archive in your FIFA 13 folder and regenerate with FHL-BH-Editor, by using "Reg all bh/take care of external files" FIFA 13 Liga BBva Adboards Download Link
  18. razvanultra55

    Damien's Serie A Generic Adboards

    By using Revolution Mod 13 and with the adboards made by Damien, now you will get Serie A Generic Adboards. I would like to thank to Damien & scouser09 for their work! Just unrar the archive in your FIFA 13 folder and regenerate with FHL-BH-Editor, by using "Reg all bh/take care of external...
  19. razvanultra55

    FIFA 13 Default Pop-Ups

    i found out what are the .big files for the default pop-ups, for example, in Seria A Career Mode they are the files: overlay_5072, 5045, 5044, 5042, 502, 5020, 5018, 5015, 5013, 5012 & 5002.big now, if there is somebody who can help us to use last Zlatan87's last year pop-ups for Seria A it will...
  20. razvanultra55

    FIFA 13 First Official Update

    .. check on your ORIGIN account and update the game.