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    Cyber faces converter for fifa 12

    Hi to all. First of all i want to apologize for beign outside so many time. But work is work. I have upload cyber faces converter for fifa 12. It works only with faces not with hairs but i hope to solved that in the future. Also textures editor is working and i am adding some features in next...
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    first stadium exported

    Hi here is an screenshot of the first stadium i have been able to export from the demo:
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    fifa 12 3d editor for faces

    Hi to all, the 3d editor of fifa 12 faces is finished, it has been tested and soon it will be available in moddingway mirrors. Look at this screenshot:
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    First textures extracted

    Hi to all i am working on fifa 12 and i have been able to extract kits textures and faces textures, the work has started, you can see updated info and textures previews here: and also the latest info here:!/Moddingway
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    Hair's editor

    Here is the hair´s editor for fifa 11: Hair´s Editor for fifa 11 --------------------------------- --------------------------------- In order to run the program without problems you need to install slimdx .net end user runtime...
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    Using facegen to create faces models in a few minutes

    There are a way to make a lot of faces in a few time and with a great result. People from pes already make it. The system consists in use facegen to create the faces and then with a blender script transform a ingame face to the one we have created. To do this first is necessary that...
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    First stadium exported

    Hi, i continue working and now i am able to extract many of the 3d models, included stadiums,I have to improve it, because it has a few bugs but look at this screenshots
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    Fifa 11 textures editor released

    Version 1.0.2 transparency bug solved and new versión for 64 bits Textures Editor by Jor1980 --------------------------- --------------------------- Features -------- -------- This program allows you to open .big files to watch the textures included in them. You can export the texture...
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    Cyber Faces Converter Fifa11 Released

    Cyber Faces Converter for fifa 11 --------------------------------- download...
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    font´s files compression

    Hi to all i would like to include an option into my program to decompress font´s files, i don´t know the compression method of this files, anyone knows it? Here i have uploaded one of them: