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    Check out the new Diadora Roma Ball

    Its called the "Janus". Here is what Diadoras web site said about it. Icant imagine the colors would make it a legal match ball though???? CHECK OUT LINK BELOW FOR IMAGE. I forgot how to just attach the image as part of my post. To all the a==wipes out there: "Sorry" ----Two halves, one...
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    Serie A names.simple fix?

    If you are one of those people easily "offended" by "old" questions like this let me just say "sorry" and "get a life". I want to change the names of the obviously incorrect names for clubs in Serie A but the solutions Ive tried tend to have baggage that I dont want or just do not work at...
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    Can someone e-mail me this...

    I cant seem to load eng file to edit team names using uniDB.. Can someone send me a file with corrected Italian club names to [email protected] I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Changing stadium defaults

    Forgive me if someone already covered this. I did a search but to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that Creation Center will only Carlos up my FIFA so I need some advice. What is an EASY way to edit the default stadia for each team. For example, Dynamo Dresden has a default stadium with...
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    Extra competitions?

    Besides league play, what about seperate cups? World Cup? Champ. League, UEFA Cup etc etc.??? Will they be available in 2005??
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    Roma font??

    Does anyone know where to find AS Roma font?
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    ????Cinematics editing????

    I was wondering if there is a way to change some of the cinematics. I play in sideline camera mode and far away for a good view of everything on the pitch. I was wondering if there is a way to keep the game from showing close-up cinematics during celebrations, referee actions (yellow and red...
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    Crashes when ball out of play

    My game is now crashing as soon as ball goes out of play. Anyone else have similar problems...or a solution? F..kin G.d piece of Friggin A.. Sh't H...d h..jjhndfiuhk..ok..deeeep breath ...ahhhh...relax:f***:
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    Someone's gotta know how to...

    I am sure someone out there knows how to import adboards. I tried Adboard factory but it shows adboards as all black and Adboard Exporter only imports their own small selection of boards. I cannot open .fsh files in EA graphics editor so I do not know what the layout and compression is...
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    Change stadium for team??

    I hate playing as Newcastle at home because damnnn ea sports gave them some stadium with a running track that looks absolutely nothing like St James's Park. All English teams should have fans close to field and no lame running tracks! There are at least 2 other stadiums in FIFA that could have...
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    adboard, .fsh import problems

    I have created MANY adboards and I want to import them into the game. I downloaded adboard factory from soccergameZ but whenever it says adboards imported I start a game and the boards are all black.. I also have EA Graphics editor but it will not allow me to replace the existing .fsh files...
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    adboard factory question.

    I created some 32 bit bmp adboards on my mac and then transfered them onto my pc to put into the game using the adboard factory patch from soccergamez. Unfortunately they are making adboards all black. When I saved to a disk, I saved files in Windows format. ??????? Any help would be...
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    Many were wrong about my old pc. Plays GREAT!

    Ive got a very average pc. 700 mHz, pentium 3, windows XP and only 128 mb RAM!!! Got a Radeon 9200 card that many said would be useless. Well, game looks and plays awesome!!! Only once in a while will it slow down the frame rate to the point that it will be a little choppy but only for about...
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    Whats your PC setup? How is performance?

    Don't laugh. I've got a 700mHz Pent 3 only 256MB RAM that I'm thinking of upgrading for better gaming performance for FIFA and other 3D gaming. Is it worth upgrading or should I give up and spend hard earned $ on a new system? I'm prepared to buy a ATI Radeon 9200 and more RAM (to total 512...
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    No AGP SLOT. I feel like a dumba$$!

    OK. I bought a new video card assuming I had at least one AGP slot but lo and behold its got four PCI slots!!! I need to know the best PCI cards that are available. I have heard a couple of complaints about the TNT2 64mb cards. Are they really that crappy? The card I bought is a GeForce 4...
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    >>>Play ps2 vs. PC?<<< some of you this may be a stupid question. Can I play online from a PC against someone who is also playing online but with a PS2? It sounds like it would be possible since it is using the EA server as a go between. hmmmm:rolleyes:
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    Size of adboards?? Patches

    Can someone let me know the size of adboards. Is it 22 x 256 like last years? Let me know and I'll start making some bad a$$ patches for several leagues and tourneys. I just haven't bought the game yet because I'm waiting for my new vid card in mail. Thanks.:chick: :hump:
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    Tell EA!!!!!Applies to most of you.

    Alright. It's obvious more people in these forums hate FIFA 2004 than those who like it. Instead of continuing the pointless preaching to the rest of us why not call or e-mail EA and let them know. If enough people let them know they might actually listen and hopefully open their eyes to the...
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    dreaded adboard question..dont kill me please!

    Ok...I know how much many of you hate those of us that care about adboards. I am just curious to know whether or not the adboards are generic or if different countries have at least a little bit of variation from league to league and if not are there any adboard raptors available anytime? I...
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    If ps2 can have roster updates then what about...

    OK..If rosters can be updated through ps2 then what about sending files peer to peer to edit the graphics too? kits, faces or even gameplay like on pc. It seems that it should be possible. Check this out (hopefully link works)