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  1. RavenFCB

    Europe mod only ?

    Hi guys You know me from stadium making and from my passion of making "less known" leagues. I came with idea to use latest fifa infinity patch 4.1 + cyprus as a base for european teams only ,even very outdated but at least better than nothing. Its great that we have patches still comming buy...
  2. RavenFCB

    Pes 2021 kit model idea

    Hi guys, i have been thinking - fifa edit scene is dying and one of the main reasons are the missing latest kits. They are beeing constantly made but for more and more popular pes2021. Instead of converting (somehow) all those kits, should not we rather use pes2021 model ?? I mean , we have...
  3. RavenFCB

    Teams sharing thread

    Hello, i dont know if all of you knows that but actually Creation Master 16 accepts league/teams from FIFA15-14 !! Because im not so interested in actual squads or kits,i think its better to have at least some team X that none :) Even thought theres a lot of teams/league,feel free to ask here...
  4. RavenFCB

    My stadium studio - Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium

    Hello! Yes,thats me ..a former pes6 legend :P ! I made some converts to fifa16 and i decided to share it with you. Some are pes6 converts,some are updates. Credits goes to me and authors. Heres my folder, enjoy !! MEDIAFIRE FOLDER WITH MY CONVERTS & EDITS
  5. RavenFCB

    Multiple FIFA installations ?

    Hello, its possible to have multiple FIFA14/16 installed ? For example i would like to have FIFA16 folder with ModdingWay pach and FIFA16Patch with another patch. Is it possible ? Does anyone tried this ? Thanks !
  6. RavenFCB

    Flags from less known leagus/teams

    Hello, i made or updated some flags with less known teams,im not a graphic maker so take it or leave it... FC Banik Ostrava, Czech Republic FC Zlin, Czech Republic MFK Frydek Mistek, Czech Republic Apollon Limassol updated , Cyprus Ethnikos Achnas fc, Cyprus Aris Limassol, Cyprus...
  7. RavenFCB

    Georgi Asparuhov Stadium ?

    Hi sorry for making a new topic but anyone has Georgi Asparuhov Stadium (LEVSKI SOFIA) ?????? I have a torrent with stadiums but Levskis one is not there:( Thanks.
  8. RavenFCB

    Stadium limit ?

    Hi ! Just want to know ,if there is some stadium limit in FIFA 09 ? I mean - can i add for example : 100 stadiums ?? Is there any limit ? Thanks :)
  9. RavenFCB

    EURO 2008 problem

    hi i have a problem mates...i want to play a game (quick match) and when the team's are comming to the pitch there's just a normal animation but no anthems....i cant hear them...where's the problem please ? Thank's a lot...:D
  10. RavenFCB

    substitution error

    look,error.jpg it sometime happen when the pc or i have change the players on the pitch :D anyone know if there's some patch? btw - its quite good error ,but i wans't able to shot a goal anyway :(
  11. RavenFCB

    Editing Introducing song

    is it possible ? I remember when i have played EPL on FIFA 06 there was an introducing song at the start of the match - EPL anthem :) I have a question : - is it possible in 08? When i play with internationals teams there's a chant (when i open SM 08) and it configured like a "anthem"...
  12. RavenFCB

    Stadium converting

    hello mates i have some questions ,please if you know the answer,answer :) I would like to import FC BANIK OSTRAVA stadium into game (czech league). What i need to do ? 1. Its the format of stadium SAME as in 07 ? 2. FIFA ECP isn working ? what happend ? There WAS a instruction HOW to...