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  1. Andreasmax

    Andy's FIFA 19 Mod

    Andy's FIFA 19 Patch DFB Cup Carabao Cup FA Cup Content: new animated Adboards: DFB Cup FA Cup Carabao Cup Bayern Munich EM World Cup Hamburger SV 1. FC Koeln UEFA Champions League - Update new Tournament Graphics: Carabao Cup EM WM static Adboards: EPL 1. Bundesliga...
  2. Andreasmax

    Animated Adboards Tutorial

    If you want to know how to create animated Adboards, here you are: google translate...
  3. Andreasmax

    Andys' Graphics & Mods

    Update 4 Big Germany Patch Fifa 18 Download: Update4-NewCurrent-Version Included in the DL are the two files for the Mod Manager, the project file for the Frosty Editor and separately the database. This update contains a new database, with a squad dated 14/12/2017, which means that the folder...
  4. Andreasmax

    Andy's Animated Adboards

    it works in fifa 16 generic adboards:
  5. Andreasmax

    Andreasmax's Animated Adboards

    New animated Adboards FIFA 15 Inhalt: neue animierte Adboards für - FC Bayern München - Borussia Dortmund - Hamburger SV - Schalke 04 - Hertha BSC - TV 1860 München - Deutsche Nationalmannschaft - DFB Pokal - Champions League - Europa League - Generic Adboards für Anstoß- und...
  6. Andreasmax

    Scarf Problem

    How can you solve the problem? 1. halftime: 2. halftime: it will only load the first texture from the rx3, in the rx3 I have 4 texture...
  7. Andreasmax

    Editing and import the menu graphics

    Editing and import the menu graphics is no problem, you need only FileMaster10 and the program "dxtbmpx" to open and edit the DDS files. All the menu graphics are in the Data1.
  8. Andreasmax

    A request for all Patchmaker!!!

    Please produce your Patchs, no matter, whether teams or leagues, as CMP and CMS-compatible! We all want, that the many Patchs work together. Thanks(Y)
  9. Andreasmax

    3. League Germany Patch

    Today I would like to introduce the next patch of Fifaplanet to you. First Screens: First infos: The patch includet: - 3. League Germany, with all Teams and Teamgrafics. League, Teams and Player is CMS compatible! - New Tournaments from 3. League, 1. and 2. Relegation, DFB-Pokal...
  10. Andreasmax

    Sponsors Patch Germany

    Today, we have a new Patch for you, produced by the Fifaplanet-Team. Patch includet 27 new Sponsors for Fifa10. ------>Installation<------ As CMP with the CreationMaster10. How exactly, stands in the Readme! Download Sponsors Patch
  11. Andreasmax

    Leopar Gloves-Balls-Shoes Factory

    Download Adidas Teamgeist Ball Pack Download Nets Pack v1 Download Adidas UEFA Ball Pack Download Diamond Ball Pack Support: Leopar Gloves-Balls-Shoes Factory
  12. Andreasmax

    Finale Version Fifa10-PC

    1. Screens from die final-Version Fifa10: Test-Report:,695838/FIFA-10-im-Test-Die-diesjaehrige-Version-ist-eine-wahre-Zumutung-fuer-PC-Spieler/PC/Test/
  13. Andreasmax

    Schalke04 and Arjen Robben Demo10

    Today, we have an Patch for the PC-demo of FIFA10 for you. It's about a Teampatch, that inserts the team of Schalke04 from Germany. Patch including Arjen Robben from Bayern Munich. ------>Content<------ Schalke04: - Roster - Kits - Faces - Logos - Minikits - Minifaces - Flaggen + Arjen Robben...
  14. Andreasmax

    Menu logo patch

    Today on the Fifaplanet-Patchday there is of course something else for you. Holger_FCC from our Fifaplanet team has made all menu logos new for you. -->Patch-content<-- - New menu logos of all teams which are included in Fifa09 -->Installation<-- Please follow the instructions in the...
  15. Andreasmax

    Tutorial to insert a ball and allocate to a club

    Tutorial to insert a ball and allocate to a club without using CM09 I explain this with the help of the ball for Bayern Munich. Firstly you need 3 matching files namely a fsh-file with the texture and 2 O-files for the 3D modell. t99_100 as a texture m222_100 as an Near-O-File m316_100 also as...