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    Looking for uniDB

    I'm trying to use a work around with FIFA 10 to get a created tourney to wirk in FIFA 11. Anybody have uniDB? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!
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    Looking for a clean db w/o re installing

    Anybody got a clean (Virus free) default/EA Updated DB? It seems that every back-up I have is a screwed up edited version. From messing about with Origin, I guess the only way I can get a 100% clean db is by downloading the whole damn game again, but I don't have internet at home.
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    Adding Trophy Pics

    Does anybody know how to add the large trophy pics to the game? Since CM doesn't want to keep them and I can't seem to get it to work in File Manager, it's ticking me off! Since we can't create things with CM12 and I don't have 13 yet, this is really starting to make me want to quit the...
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    USL PRO Patch

    USL PRO (USA DIV 3) 2011 League Patch DB: TripleJ185 FLAGS: LMFoust Kits: LMFoust Special Thanks: Mogolos for being the modern day kit legend that made LMFoust get back into kit creations a couple years ago and for the collars with his SKM program. Rinaldo for the Fifa Master Series...
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    Can't use 09 songs in 10 using SM10

    I just picked up Sound Master and thought I could just take the songs from 09 (using SM09) and put them in 10 (using SM10). However, they don't play. Everything was a wav file so I have no clue what's going on.
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    Anybody still making stadiums?

    Guima disappeared before finishing Cleveland Browns Stadium (showed me a 75% finished project and then *poof*). I was wondering if anybody still made stadiums so I could possibly get a hold of this.
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    major league soccer update?

    Is there a squad update for MLS? There has been som much movement I can't keep up with it!
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    fewer player attributes in FIFA 10?

    So I looked at the player db and it seems that there are a few areas missing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but here's what looks like is not there. facetypeid headtypeid haircolorid hairtypeid shoecolor bodytypecode hairtypegeometrycode headclasscode facetexturecode...
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    issue with Kit Tool

    I just downloaded Kit tool. I can't get Kit tool to run because of an issue with "PicFormat32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered:a file is missing or invalid" Anybody have a working version of PicFormat?
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    What's the deal with "overallrating"?

    I'm trying to figure out what is up with the overallrating attribute. I'm trying to convert an 07 database (mostly the youth players b/c I just bought 09 and I'm adding a bunch of new players)to 09. It seems that overallrating has very little influence on things b/c when I adjust it on CM, there...
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    united soccer league roster update

    UPDATE Well, I guess here it is for the two people that care. My update to Donovanfan's USL Rosters patch What I did: This updates rosters for all USL1 and USL2 clubs. Very little player rating adjustments happened. Rosters should be 98% accurate because many teams in USL1 and MLS have...
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    Free Transfers/Free Agents in 06

    Ok, I haven't picked up the game yet, but I'm trying to see something. This question is for you Creation Center users. Are there free agents/free transfers in the database this year? I remember they had it in 04, but you couldn't create teams. Then you could create teams in 05, but you had no...
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    A-League Patch

    Ok, anybody out there know where I can find the A-League patch from FIFA CONCACAF? Since they no longer exist, I can't find it anywhere. :kader:
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    Graeme Kelly's save game editor

    I know that Graeme made a editor ver. 3.9 for 01/02. Anybody know where it is?
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    lack of free agents

    Is there only one free agent in this years game? That's such a major disappointment if it's true. Maybe I did something to lose them, but when ever I look at the Free Agent list i only get that Johnny John whatever the heck his name is. If the above is in fact true, does anyone think that...
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    Has anyone thought about making an indoor patch? I've been out of the scene for a while, and I contemplating creating a pitch or two, but I'll likely need help when it comes to gameplay and things of that matter
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    did i forget this?

    Supposedly, somebody else on the forums said that indoor was in 02, but it had to be unlocked. I don't remember this, is this true? if so how?
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    Cant Update MLS?!?!?!?!

    Alright, so since I've failed in finding a way to have amature clubs for German sides, I've decided to play MLS for the first time ever. BUT!!!! You can't change the names of the MLS clubs in 2001-02. So i thought "OK just switch the teams like I do for England/Germany/Italy and that would be...
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    Creating a German Club

    OK.....i created a team in CM 01/02 called Cleveland Crunch Indoor Soccer Club...(4th in Bundesliga behind Dortmund, Bayern and So since most german clubs have the amature/reserve sides, I thought I'd create one myself. Only problem is I couldn't have the teams connected...
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    minikit tutorial?

    Is there a minikit tutorial in english out there?