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    delete files in a *.big

    Hello! is ist possible to delete files in a *.big (zdata_04.big) with a small dos-programm like i can import files in a *.big with "IMPBIG.EXE" ???
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    an other BUG

    BUG !!! > i had change language in German Wen i change a team-name it will not changed in the game The Mistake is: > CC with German language change the eng.db and not the ger.db !!!
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    =================================================================== = Schedule of the Premiere League Session 2003/2004 for FIFA 2004 = =================================================================== Original schedule of the FA Premiere League for the session 2003/2004 includes the...
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    Kit Center

    Kit Center for FIFA 2003 by Katsche You need the Lotus-Approach database programm. You need the FIFA 2003 Creation Centre. :read: Download Kit Center Features: ========= > same settings like Kit Raptor > also you can make setting for the sleeve length > select records...