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    crazy police chase video

    I seem to recall I left this place because Firefox wasn't loading the forum up. So I was like, "I'll leave it for 8 months."
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    Roots of the English National Team's woes

    It's a combination of two things, really. We're outpricing English talent which adversely makes foreign imports much more attractive and economical to bring in. Rio Ferdinand = £33m ==> £18m for his transfer to Leeds, also Wayne Rooney = £30m Darren Bent = £16m Theo Walcott = £12m Admittedly...
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    crazy police chase video

    Well, if you can't love a stranger's mother, who can you love?
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    Konami got the message....

    PES does still seem to have that nice fluid feel to it and the AI really can surprise you with it's movement. But it's unfinished so I've went with FIFA for this year. It's completely alien to me but it does rely a lot on a good passing game, which suits me fine. I'm not touching PES until...
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    crazy police chase video

    That's absolutely tremendous. Unless the guy's dead. Then it's somewhat counter-productive.
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    Being honest

    Nah, this is the second year in succession I've traded in a next-gen PES title. PES2008 isn't bad but it's clearly not finished. a) Crosses are odd and now seem overpowered. Too many times they end up too close to the keeper b) Shooting on the PS3 version has been ported over from the PS2...
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    Microsoft's Newest Operating system..Windows VISTA

    Wahey! I can type in Firefox again! I noticed the prehistoric comment about PES. To throw a spanner in the works, my Gforce 6200 can't get much joy out of it. Frame-rate peaks and troughs. I have to window it. Just wake me up when a new batch of Omega drivers turns up. Although Half-Life...
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    Microsoft's Newest Operating system..Windows VISTA

    One of the most noticable differences is the fact that water now actually reflects in Half-Life 2.
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    Microsoft's Newest Operating system..Windows VISTA

    Shame, that. Anyway, dabs dispatched last night and delivered this morning. SCORE!
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    Microsoft's Newest Operating system..Windows VISTA

    Whenever I try to post, I get a message in the bottom bar saying "Applet v51 started" and the text box refuses to take in any text. Maybe I'm missing a plugin? Anyway, on to other things. I had a right headache trying to import a graphics card from America. They can't get their head...
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    Some (H)

    Gamestracker. £11. Still got the demo. One of those really nice games that nobody bought. It's pretty much gone, though. As is Vib Ribbon, the PSX 'thing'.
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    Lord of the Monitors - Flat Screen Monitors vs Big box Monitors

    Flat screen all the way. Having had to lift the CFT monsters regularly at my last job, I can safely say, I'd much rather have the skinny buggers.
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    Microsoft's Newest Operating system..Windows VISTA

    I'm not touching Vista until it's absolutely, 100% necessary. And, in other news, Firefox doesn't like this board. That's why I haven't been around. I'm using IE for this board only. What a heedache.
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    F1 2007 : New Car Launches

    Lewis Hamilton becomes the first black F1 driver, then.
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    Stuck in HalfLife 1 has a video walkthrough, too.
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    Stuck in HalfLife 1

    Oh, it's been a while since I played it. If I remember rightly, you have to get down to these two generators and switch them on. One of them is jammed up with wreckage, as I recall. You can't beat Gargantua, so you have to switch the two generators on (you have to cut across the courtyard...
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    Strange Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Suicide is.
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    I can't play God of War in long stints, though. Hack and slash can get very old, very quick. I never said it was better, anyway. Just that I wanted it more and it was £3 cheaper.
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    I'd have got it yesterday but I spotted God of War, instead. And I finally got a legit copy of CM01-02 for a quid. :D
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    Is this January the greatest month in UK movie history?

    Apocalypto's just another snuff movie from Gibbo. "It's a man who triumphs from impossible odds and gets tortured." "You mean like your last film?" Still, Last King of Scotland. IGN gave that the thumbs up for a few Oscar nominations.