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    Question about the ingame editor

    Ive just recently gotten a PS2 (for free, from a friend) and I got fifa06 the other day for it. I was overjoyed when I saw there was an in game editor for players, and that number alterations were possible. But I went to work on it, fixing a few players here and there, only to realize there is a...
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    R.I.P. Peter Osgood

    :( Major forums around the web are confirming that Peter Osgood, King of Stamford Bridge, has died today. Many fans report seeing him in good spirits and as late as before the Barca game last week. Though I never got to see Ossie play, the emotion is running out on all chelsea boards, and...
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    LFC Finally Given Royal Hono(u)rs

    Some of you may have heard of the decision, described by Rick Parry as "a little short of staggering" that Liverpool were not among the recepients of Royal accolades and awards for their achievement in Istanbul Here:
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    Jose Mourinho II :hump:

    It was really popular last time around, so I thought id go with a whole new thread. Here is part two of the radio gags that air with Jose in Ireland, this time featuring Mick McCarthy and Duffer... Click Credit to admanmcd from cfcnet. Enjoy ;)
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    Same Old Arsenal....

    ...always tapping. Wenger was rumored to have had illegal contact with Julio Baptista, but as with many things reported in a source like The Scum, I dismissed it as unsubstantiated. But with Chelesa tapping up everyone on planet earth, Wenger just couldnt be upstaged (6) Now, he himself has...
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    Wee bit of a problem with Kit Raptor

    Hey, hope with this semi-dead forum this gets some views, and hopefully, responses :p Anyway, i still have fifa2k4 and, while i plan to replace it eventually, i just had a lil sticking point. Im using the excellent kit raptor available from Breamster, and while its run totally smoothly, i...
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    Regarding Stadiums

    I dont mean to start a new thread frivilously, but I didnt wanna hijack someone elses. Can anyone tell me why there are not more stadiums available in 2005 than say, 2004? It would seem to me that broadening details like this would be a natural evolutionary step, but somehow, the message just...