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    FIFA Match Lobby

    Please can anyone advise if the lobby for friendly matches that was removed for Fifa15 has come back? Thanks
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    How to change default exhibition match teams

    Does anyone know how to do this please?
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    Music Changer

    Is anyone working on one or is they anyway to use your own music yet?
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    Where do you change the default language?

    Everytime I load the game it defaults to Spanish and I have clicked the advance button before I realize I havent changed it to English. Does anyone know how to change it please?
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    online keeps minimizing to windows

    Does anyone know why when I play online the game lags 2-3 times and minimizes to windows? I have scanned for spyware and dont know why this happens.
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    how do you line up your wall against FK?

    the camera view now doesnt let you do it and you have to guess.
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    Fifa 10 music changer needed

    Or has anyone found a way to import and export tracks?
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    Suggestions on gaining control

    Dont know if any of you guys are finding this a problem. I use fully manual control but ,sometimes when you cross the ball or have taken a corner the control stays with the crosser no matter if you try switching player or using the trick stick. It used to happen in FIFA 09 too. Is there anyone...
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    controller personal preferences

    Is there any way I can make a couple of changes to how my controller works? I would like my controller to work the same as it does in Fifa, when I loose off a shot and press the controller forwards I get a lower trajectory wheras in PES it goes higher. I would like to pull it backwards for...
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    'Connection lost' in suspicious circumctances

    Name and shame them. My first name bevko pffff -circumstances
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    What happened to the ground crossing?

    Anyone else notice? What an absolute and unbelievable shambles for PC gaming. Totally regret buying it, but wanted to keep playing online and Fifa 09 has died online.
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    Is it possible to change the player icon colour?

    The default green clashes with the grass for me.
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    Can the colour of the player icon be changed?

    My green icon clashes with the pitch.
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    What are your feelings on the passing?

    Do you think its better or worse than 09. I very often see my passing going toward a different player than the one I passed to when there are 2 choices, and the system doesnt always pass where you point the controller. Its like the system has already decided your pass and you have to work harder...
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    Does anyone use the zoomed out tele cam?

    Do you find that it doesnt zoom out as far as it did in Fifa 09 and you cannot see as much of the pitch as you would like? Is that the same with all the other cams?
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    Auto clearance/auto shoot, is there a good reason for it?

    You know when you are under pressure, but you see an opportunity for a quick pass out of the situation. You press the pass button quickly, but what happens is a clearance giving the ball right back to your opposition, or if you are near their area its a shot which goes vertical like a harrier...
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    Where do you find the extra control settings

    I have found these tips here which advise you can '....set the controls to be manual, semi or assisted.' The ingame control setting lets you chose on or off. Where are those 3 choices?
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    Is it possible to edit the camera?

    I wish the camera could be edited to ones preference. In attack mode when I have the ball and am coming out of defence I want the camera to give me attacking options quicker, its just too slow. When the oponent is down the wing about to cross I want to see who is coming into the far post...
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    No need to play football, just long shoot!!!

    Thats what I see online now 90% of the time. Do these people like football? Its too easy to score from long shots now.
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    Configure Vista Firewall

    I have the settings in my manual and I had no problems in XP. But now I have switched to Vista and allowed the firewall to accept Fifa 08 internet connections, I can play games other people have set up, but set up my own game and it goes to black screen, then back to matchup lobby when someone...