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    I don't pop molly...i'm not Rob Ford

    Enjoy, from ours truly Ls7Hm-2i78Q BPbvlpdOT9s 9WV7YtmHEuw VsjlNNsChZ4
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    Taking Rail Around UK

    I need to travel from London to Sunderland and back on March 30th. Whats the best cheapest way to do that? Are UK rail prices pretty stable and standard? I saw something roundtrip for like 100 pounds!
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    Harlem Shake

    Anybody getting in on this YETVpKSgV5U QkNrSpqUr-E N2kATNE5vHk 4hpEnLtqUDg Y7xi12fm3J8
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    How to get tickets for Manchester derby in April?

    I will be in England at the start of April and would really fly to heaven if I could get my hands on some Manchester United - Man City tickets on April 6th at Old Trafford. Do you guys know any ways how i could get them at a decent price? How much would the shittiest of the shittiest tickets...
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    I am quite surprised not to see a thread about this movie yet. The reviews are all amazing and its bound to win a couple of Oscars. Personally, it was one of the most mind stimulating movies I have seen in a long time. Which is a little surprising considering that it was still an action...
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    ADR Points system

    Can somebody explain how ADR system works in the game and what does it do? I'm guessing that the more wins you have, the more ADR points you have. But then how come everytime i crash the opponent and he quits early, i always lose 1 points from ADR? Happened everytime like 10 times that i checked.
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    Memorex CD-RW

    Ok, i bought a stack of Memorex CD-RWs 702 MB 80 min so that i could put songs and videos on it and then erase them and put new ones. But how the **** do i actually get the **** on that stupid CD? I have tried every single file i must have to paste it into the CD folder, burn it on the CD and...
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    8GB Ipod Nano battery life?

    I have bought the latest ipod nano 8GB about 2 month ago. I use it in my car to play music, however i have been measuring the average amount of time it takes before the batter goes from saying fully charged to red is like 5.5 hours. Isn't it supposed to be like 24 hours of music play? Does it...
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    "Phantom Goal"

    The Football League announce that the 2-2 draw between Reading and Watford which featured a 'phantom' goal will not be replayed. Linesman Nigel Bannister flagged for a goal instead of a corner when the ball crossed the goal-line well wide of the post during a goalmouth scramble from a corner...
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    For the First time in History......

    It's RAINING GOALS!!!!!!!! Hallelujah! First belarussian team in CL group stages EVER! GO BATE!!!!!!!!!:mike::mike::mike::mike::mike::mike:
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    Jonas Brothers

    I heard about this band very recently and apparently they are a very big deal. So i decided to youtube some of their songs. Honestly, wtf? How you go from Eagles to that?
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    Russia vs. Georgia conflict

    I'm surprised that nobody started talking about it yet in here. Anyway, i'm looking for some unbiased opinion of what you guys think about this. I have heard a lot from the American news (which are basically news reported by Georgia) and i read a lot from Russian news. So here is what i got so...
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    Terminator: Salvation

    Seems like Christian Bale is on a fast track to becoming a big box office star kXnELk6pZVk
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    Only in Belarus

    haha, i dare anybody else to do that oeSxVujpRRU
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    Marry Our Daughter

    Oh LAWD
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    Days of Wrath

    Ohhhh ****, this looks like some GTA/Max Payne ****, my heart got all excited when i saw this Ehv9J_r4kqQ
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    XBOX vs Play Station 3

    Well, as you all know by now, the new GTA is not going to be supported by PC anymore. That's why i'm finally forced to buy one of the platforms and i also need to find something to spend some of the evenings in the summer while on a work term. So any suggestions on what you guys prefer and why?
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    The Boondocks

    Anybody else enjoying the great creation, The Boondocks that is?
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    I Am Legend

    Anybody saw it? I'll probably see it on 19th.
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    My new haircut