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    FIFA 15 Full - Impressions

    Dual sound and lagging Hi guys long time no see :brow: Well finally i'm playing the game again but when Fifa starts i hear a dual sound and it's repeating itself and the game lags terribly. Dunno what to do really but if this continues i'm quitting :willis: My system settings are...
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    FIFA 13 Crashes To Desktop - Windows 8 Pro 32bit

    you guys DO realise that talking about illegal software (torrents) is not allowed here right? It could lead to a :yc: Just saying, keep it in mind it's about problems this guy has with Win 8 Pro so let's stick to the subject. :read:
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    FIFA Creation Studio 13

    STOP BEGGING I think Keegan was quite clear about that :bwtf: Wait untill the release or next time :yc::facepalm:
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    FIFA 13 Faces

    No talk about wares and cracks here read the forum rules you can get banned for it! Do not post links to keygens.
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    FIFA 13 Activation

    No talk about warez and cracks here on the forums, let this be your first and final warning about that. Read the forumrules!
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    Personally I'm quite satisfied with my iPhone 4s and I don't see why I should replace that one for the 5. Spectacular changes haven't been made in my opinion and the 4s is only a few months old now. Before the 4s I had several Androidphones but I prefer Apple and specially after the upgrade to...
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    Question of the Week: The Perfect Footballer

    It had more atmosphere as well (Y)
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    Super parche 2012 - gold edition fifa08

    This is an International forum so please write in English thank you. (Y)
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    The Official Oranje Thread

    ah well things like that happen in football, in the final minutes good assist and goal. Who cares we will be strong when we need to be in Kharkov!
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    New Kits 2012/2013

    Ugly new Arsenalkit, looks like they are wearing 2 captain's bands..
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    Kit(s) Request Thread

    terrible new kit :clapwap: I mean the REAL kit not what people make here ;)
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    AFC Ajax Thread

    The only place where you can get licensed, cheaper official shirts is online I'm afraid. Everywhere in Amsterdam they charge you full price. I haven't seen a shop yet where you can get them cheaper, I bought mine from the official website (Ajax Shop) because the lettering and nameprinting was...
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    EPL & npower faces by Aladdin

    Stop acting like a little child Aladdin like if you are a victim or something. I already said that the warning was not meant for you, if you like to believe otherwise fine but stop with the threats about leaving this forum and if you do decide to go all the luck to you (Y)
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    EPL & npower faces by Aladdin

    You've gone too far CarlosDanger, I clearly warned anyone who steps out of bounds and you keep continuing picking fights and flaming others. Warnings are not good enough anymore so we have to take action now, you receive a yellow card from me and I'll let the supermods decide what to do next.. No...
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    EPL & npower faces by Aladdin

    The warning was not for you Aladdin and if you decide to go to another forum that would be a shame because your work speaks for itself. So hopefully this clears things and we will be watching this thread closely, if people step out of line again they will receive a penalty. And choose your words...
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    EPL & npower faces by Aladdin

    ok been watching this for a little while now but it stops here! I took the liberty to delete a few posts since they were all about nothing. On topic from now on or we will have to take action and start banning a few. Consider yourselves warned. Sr
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    New Kits 2012/2013

    That's only an example, it's the Carlos*et that the players wear, the ING logo is not visible on fanwear so it's not on the Carlos*et I ordered ;)
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    New Kits 2012/2013

    NEW AWAYKIT HOLLAND 2012-2014 Released yesterday, this will be the new shirt that our boys will be wearing at the EC, already ordered a copy for myself :D I like it, ordered new trainingsjacket as well :33vff3o:
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    New Kits 2011/2012

    haha well we beat ManUtd yesterday at OT so (Y) NEW AWAYKIT HOLLAND 2012-2014 Released yesterday, this will be the new shirt that our boys will be wearing at the EC, already ordered a copy for myself :D I like it, ordered new trainingsjacket as well :33vff3o:
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    Product Key Download for FIFA 12 PC!!!

    Well it's like they said, read the rules next time! closed