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    ISP 16 - FIFA Israeli Patch 2016

    OUR FACEBOOK PAGE Greetings. A new team of moderators are glad to declare the new Israeli patch for FIFA 16 - Israeli Patch 2016, in sum ISP 16. After a year without an Israeli patch that includes Israeli teams, we are happy to make this comeback. Patch Properties: Israeli Winner League...
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    Face Texture Issue

    i copied fifa 14 players database into fifa 15 players database. i had players which didn't have any head models, so i changed all players head model to 1. now i have another problem, there are players who instead of having a normal color, they have red-green head color. any solution?
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    FIFAIsrael's - IFL 15

    Patch Features: - Winner League, National League - A combination of both A Leagues, which will include 14 teams - The leagues include full structure of playoffs, promotion & relegation, Europe, etc - Israeli National Team + Israel U21 + Israeli Classic XI Team - Realistic database of the Israeli...
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    For Editors Who Used DBM Only

    hi, i've started editing fifa 15 demo with dbm. when i'm trying to save my work, i get an error "Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types." i'm not a programmer, so i have no idea why do i have an error. help please.
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    FIFA 15 Graphic Files (Official Thread)

    because there's no thread about fifa 15 graphic files (or forum about 15 yet), i wanted to open one. this thread will be about fifa 15 next-gen graphic files... as i said.
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    Does Adding Players To Free Agents Team Creates Crash In Career Mode?

    Does adding players to free agents team creates crash in career mode? i added 4 players to career mode, i had crash after 31 of august (i have no idea why but i'm gonna try fixing this) does ever user in this forum added players to free agents team? what happened?
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    Problem With Internal Master 12

    i heard that there's a way to copy database from one db to another, with internal master. for some reason the program doesn't work well. when i click it, an error message jumps "Unable to retrieve information from the registery. Probably the game is not installed properly......... OK"...
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    Help With A League I Edited

    i edited a league, and it crashes in tournament mode (first i must see that the tournaments run with no problems, and only then i need to adjust them to the career mode. where's the problem? and please experts, help me. i'm desperate advancement compids compobj initteams schedule -...
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    Is There Any Problem Here? Details Inside

    i'm struggling with career mode, i have crashes every time, so i installed fifa again. i changed id of three leagues (saudi league - 350, 450, 550) to 2, 3, 5 respectively. i haven't forgotten to change also the league itself id and not only the compdata league id. i added the trophies & logos...
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    Database Problems Causing Crashes

    i'm desperate for a solution.... i have database problems (that what users told me), and i can't find them. so i edited the league achievements and the teams achievements, with no difference.
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    What Numbers In "Finishing Styles" Are For Each Goal Celebrations?

    in cm, in "attacking skills" part of the "skills" bar, there are two numbers, probably on 0, "Finishing Styles" numbers. i guess these numbers are actually for goal celebration, and i would like to change goal celebration for some players in my game. what ids in each numbers gives me the goal...
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    How Can I Add Replay Logos?

    for tournaments and scoreboard (for friendly matches) what is the big of wipe3d?
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    MIL 14 - My Israeli League, by

    ?v=NH-EvBHvzQw Introducing the Israeli Winner League popups Patch Cover Features: - Full database for all players - Full rosters for all Premier League teams and National League teams - Full kit sets for Israeli teams - All logos are up to date - Real fixtures for Israeli Premier League...
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    Import FIFA 10 Stadiums Into FIFA 14?

    or 12 or 13... i just want to import fifa 10 stadiums into fifa 14. i saw sido's tutorial but the program wasn't good enough.
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    Problem After Using FIFA File Explorer

    i replaced national flag (the three flag files, id is 183). after replacing them in file explorer (data1.big), i applied and saved. the problem is when i run the game, i can't see the language screen... it's the screen without the language choice option.... anyway i can't find these files in...
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    How Can I Unlock All Locked Stuff In FIFA

    i'm not going to download regularcat's fifa 14 db update (with unlocked teams, kits, balls and boots) because there's a work of mine in progress... so is there any way to unlock all the locked items? thanks for helpers
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    How Can I Regenerate My Files?

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    changes i made in dbm doesn't work