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    KrisDzung276's Faces (WWTFM)

    I will try my best to create best faces for FIFA16 First try, Van Der Wiel (PSG) Face texture and model update ( Haven't made maps and eye texture)
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    KrisDzung276's faces

    Let's start FIFA15
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    [FIFA14] KrisDzung276's Faces

    Hello. New year "new" work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S.Kjaer (75%)
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    [FIFA13] KrisDzung276's Face Thread

    It's FIFA13 time. Let's start P.Helmes final (VfL Wolfsburg)
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    [FIFA12] KrisDzung276's Face Thread

    After FF11, I decide to make face for FF12 :33vff3o: (Y) Let's start :bob: :browsmiley: W.Rooney's texture Comment plz
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    KrisDzung276 Face FIFA11

    KrisDzung276 1st face patch :D *********************************************** Link1 : *********************************************** Link2 :
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    KrisDzung276's face

    KrisDzung276's face