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    Ipswich Prossies...

    3 down. Britain has a new serial killer. Discuss.
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    Get him oot? Yes or no. Seems to me he should've went years ago.
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    Stupid plot twists

    Inspired by the spontaneous necrophillia that enues in the final hour of Fahrenheit. Any other random plot moments that simply boggle and ruin an otherwise fine game? Oh, erm.. yeah... should've spoilered it. Howay, though... cliched. Spill your guts.
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    How far will you go for a job?

    Inspired by today's rather bizarre turn of events that resulted in me going across to Chester-le-Street for an interview about a job placement. It all comes out of the blue at 2:30pm with the placement officer telling us to move are arses down there. Bear in mind that we're in Sunderland at...
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    The PS2 may be slowly on it's way out but there's another lovely little Japanese charmer that's on it's way in the new year (For us Europeans, anyway. I suspect it's already out/on the way out in other regions). Basically, the plot is thus: Folklore and traditions, you say? Video Review
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    The lunatic is on the grass....,2933,202921,00.html Syd Barrett, now deceased.
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    Short Films

    Some of them are class. Like this: A Sense of History Fling some more around.
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    Tonight, at 9:45pm ...

    ITV do another documentary! Huraah for everyone! Not content with accidentally incriminating Michael Carlos*son and determined to scare us with global warming, they now try to get Michael Sheilds off the hook. Ah, Michael Sheilds. The daft prick who bricked a Bulgarian bartender and got 15...
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    British Comedy vs. American Comedy (and any other nations who fancy a fight)

    Yes, an international comedy fist fight or something. Laughter is universal, but some countries are crap at laughing. Or something. Anyway, to kick things off for the British side... Garth Marenghi. The Day Today Is that CM1 running in the backround? Brass Eye - Crime And...
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    Scary Movie 4

    STOP IT! Stop sequeling things beyond the number 2! Stop parodying things if you can't do it well! Stop it, stop it, stop it! So er... any more opinions on this step too far?
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    Gaming Videos. Preferrably good ones.

    Speed runs, moments of rare brilliance and so forth. Here's some F1 crashes... and erm... some overtaking. GTA...
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    Whilst looking back at my Match of the Day DVD's of the 60's, 70's and 80's, it occurred to me that the players passing records in the current day (Lampard, Henry, Shearer) may feel devalued. It got me thinking about just who I can consider legendary players. Makes me try and think about who...
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    Odd job offers

    Funny thing happened to me, the other day. I'm the Rayo boss. 18 months into the job. No major honours. A respectable 11th finish in La Liga and currently 8th. I put my name down for the vacant job at Sporting. Currently struggling in 16th. Oddly, I get the job. An Englishman with no...
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    Quick Teaser

    I've just been for my flu jab and I'm pondering this... Why is it injected into a muscle, as opposed to a vein? Maybe I've seen too many films about smack, but it slightly makes me wonder why medical experts inject you in the muscle at the top of your arm.
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    Tyne-Wear derby: Souness' last stand?

    Aye. It's that time of the year when mackems dust off their 'sewpa Kevin Phillips' shirts and get their arses up to Tyneside for one afternoon. This fixture has a history of shafting many a manager. Ruud Gullitt being the slightly more famous of them. It's a must-win game for Graeme, so it...
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    Brace yourself for this....

    SWOS returns! Yes. 8 years since Sensible Software was bought out by Codemasters, the 2D up 'n doon footy game makes a return. The price may be a bit rancid, but I'd be delighted to see SWOS make a comeback just in time for Germany 2006.
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    The Serial Killer Showcase

    Just who was the greatest serial killer, I wonder? Anybody partial to a BTK? Or is Denis Nilson more your kind of man (Scheduled for release in 2008)? I mean, just who rules the 3 or more murders roost? Discuss.
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    Right, let's get to the bottom of this....

    Am I the only slimline PS2 owner absolutely appauled at the fact that it doesn't recognise Max Drives, it's software or indeed, any other USB Flash device? Is this Sony trying to monopolise the memory market or are they just being a bunch of ****s? I mean, you'd expect a slimline version of...
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    Flair Teams

    Every once in a while you decide to play with a team you wouldn't normally bother with and you discover just what you've been missing for so long. I decided to start an ML with Boca on 5*. Turned out they were probably the most extravagant teams I've ever come across. It was fantastic fun...
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    Yup, my Newcastle game is throwing up a couple. Firstly, I sold Keiron Dyer in exchange for Leed's Harpal Singh. Now, I know how class Singh can become but will the sale of Dyer bite me in the arse? Also, I've ditched Nikos Dabizas due to him wanting to be transfer listed (He also wasn't...