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    dule982k faces 08

    Hi guys , I hope you remember me from Fifa 07 editing :D This is my new face thread for Fifa 08, and all my faces will be 512x256, and I think much better than my 07 faces. I DON`T TAKE REQUESTS because I don`t have much time .... I work a lot .... My NEW faces: Vidi&#263...
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    Face & hair TEXTURES

    Guys where are the face & hair textures located in FIFA 08 , I mean what BIG file number ???
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    Celebration editing

    I use Creation Master to edit and make players. I want to change how player celebrate goal, can someone tell me what these numbers mean (from 0 to ...) Is ther a way to PREVIEW the celebration ??? I checked most of the players and they all have 0 (zero)
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    National teams FIFA 08

    Anyone know what national teams will be in new FIFA 08 ??? I like to know if 08 will include Serbia , Holland, Japan, Ghana .... Thanks in advance for answer ;)
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    What are the faces in Fifa 08 demo ??? Is it the same o models, ID`s and textures like in 07 ?? PS I`m downloading DEMO ....
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    FIFA07 Stadium Download Index

    I have idea to make this thread for all stadium download for fifa2007, like the sites for PES. The stadiums will be separated by country and leagues ;) So I will put download links for stadiums, !! Some stadiums will be in .CMP format and others in install packages !! All credits go for...
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    dule982k STADIUMS

    This is my first stadium ever made !!!:D (in Rhino) Laugardalsvöllur stadium Iceland national stadium rhino screens: PS Big thanks to Elkaos (olimpic track he made) and Robbie for support ;) (stadium is made for EURO2008 patch)
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    dule982k STADIUMS

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    Turkish stadiums :)

    Here are Turkish stadiums (super lig) injoy:mexican:
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    Andorra national stadium

    Can anyone make this small but very interesting stadium ???
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    Canadian CSL league patch

    Is there any Canadian soccer league patch for Fifa ??? (Or maybe anyone can make this league)
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    Helsinki Olympic Stadium

    Is there Helsinki Olympic Stadium (Finland) out for FIFA or PES (any version) ????
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    national Stadiums

    Hi guys, I need this stadiums: Letzigrund (Switz.) Stade de Geneve ( Servette FC ) Woerthersee (Austria) Helsinki Olympic Stadium (Finland) Arena Petrol (nk Celje,Slovenija) S.Darius and S.Girėnas Stadium (Lithuania) Skonto stadium (Latvia) A. Le Coq Arena (Estonia) Tehelné...
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    Street soccer stadium

    Can anyone convert this street soccer patch for Fifa 07 ? It is made for Fifa 2005 , registration needs for downloading !!!!
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    Krkic Bojan

    Krkic, Bojan remember that name ! Nationality: Serbia - Spanish Birth Date: 28.08.1990 Current team: Barcelona Main Playing Position: central midfielder Secondary Position: striker Bojan Krkic is a Serbo-Spanish youth footballer who plays for Barcelona FC in Spain. He was born...
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    << Players information >>

    (Y) Here you can post good sites and links with informations of football players, date of birth , weight , height ... Allsvenskan:
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    * National teams kits-minikits *

    Ok so you can post here only national teams kits and minikits . for FIFA 2007 Should be great thread. :clapwap: Now I sorted KITS for making by brands Those that have + sign are allready made (any mistake you correct me)...
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    dule982k faces

    Hello , this is my thread for making faces. List of faces I did Vladimir Stojkovic Marjan Markovic Nemanja Vidic Mladen Krstajic Aleksandar Lukovic Igor Duljaj Dejan Stankovic Sasa Ilic Ognjen Koroman Marko Pantelic Danko Lazovic Nikola Zigic Dragutinovic Ivica Krasic Milos...
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    Serbian players face !!!

    Anybody have Serbian players face for fifa 2007 ???????????????? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> M.Pantelic (Hertha) N.Vidic (Manchester) N.Zigic (Racing santander) M.Markovic (Dinamo Kiev) D.Lazovic (Vitese) Sasa Ilic (Galatasaray) V.Stojkovi&#263; (Nant) M.Krstaji&#263...