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  1. AntonioSG

    Problem int. friendly matches

    I have created a national team and increase the teams from 47 to 48 but I have problems with the international friendlies, the problem is that there are 2 games on the same day, that is, 4 matches in about 7 days. How can i solve this?. Help Please! Solved.
  2. AntonioSG

    I need some national team kits PLS

    Hi Brothers, any good soul can help me with some national team kits for fifa14? im looking for... rx3 or png 1024x1024 is fine for me if u have it. a least from 2018 XD DONE LOL, Thanks Kitmakers <3.
  3. AntonioSG

    Looking for 3D Logo and Scoreboard FIFA14

    Hello, someone will have 3D logos for FIFA14, like UCL, UEL, Serie A (Italy & Brazil) and if they have the ones from other cups and leagues, it would be perfect for me PLS! I found some but they are for FIFA15 :c I'm also looking for ESPN scoreboard for FIFA14. TY