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    Holland back in official release!

    After a long wait it's official, our Dutch National team will be back in Fifa10! Dutch media write about it today, EA Sports confirmed it :33vff3o::33vff3o: Release in Holland of Fifa10 will be 1 october :D
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    Message for FifaECP

    I hope any of the editors from FifaECP read this ;) Is there already a new Fatgui for Fifa 07 or can we use the one for the demo. Cause I finally managed to add new faces with FileRaptor but all the cinematics are gone now :| With the demo it was easy to solve this by running the latest...
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    No more van Nistelrooy in Oranje

    Van Basten named the squad for next week against Rep of Ireland. Big surprise van Nistelrooy is out of the squad!! :o Klaas Jan Huntelaar will be the new first striker for our national squad, also Mark van Bommel is gone. New in the team: Urby Emanuelson (Ajax), Stijn Schaars (AZ), Nigel de...
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    AFC Ajax Amsterdam Thread [2006-2007]

    AMSTERDAMSCHE FOOTBALL CLUB (AFC) AJAX Founded: March 18, 1900 NICKNAMES: Godenzonen (sons of God), Joden (Jews) Website:: Stadium: Amsterdam ArenA History Founded on March 18, 1900 AFC Ajax is one of the largest and most storied clubs in European...
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    WCQ [R] Finland - Holland

    Yessssssssssssss we did it again :lui: :lui: beat Finland with 0-4 in Helsinkiand and van Basten is still unbeaten this season :hump: The game was not fantastic but we won anyway, the first goal was from RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD VAN NISTELROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY and a beauty it was, a relief for...
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    New Finale Ajax ball request!!!

    Hi guys, Adidas made a new ball especially for Ajax to play with in their homegames and in home CL matches. It's a new Finaleball but not black/white, no it's red/white as you can see on the pic. Who can make this ball for me...Bones?? :) you made a fantastic ball remember ;) All you need...
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    Kit importer SUCKS

    Kit importer for Euro 2004 SUCKS!! yeah that's right it sucks, after installation I find no difficulties but after importing a BMP the program says "can't open file zdata_01.big, zdata2, zdata3, zdata4,zdata5 and 6 dammit! I wrote to the maker but according to him this is impossible cause the...
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    The Dutch have landed!!

    Well I've just seen footage from Portugal where Holland our national team set foot on Portuguese soil :D Damn that security is tight :o Around their hotel are 36 security ppl watching over the players 24 hours a day!! I'm curious how that is with the other countries and where do they all put...
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    Ball Raptor 2004 v.2.0

    BRILLIANT GUYS WELL DONE !! Great job again to our masta ARIEL :p:Bow::Bow::Bow: We are not worthy we are not worthy lol
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    New Adidasfont!!

    Ajax played in their new awaykit today and I noticed that Adidas uses a new font next season, I think it looks great but am not sure what kind of font it is so fontmakers....... :p I will see if I can get better pics
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    Ajax NEW Awaykit 2004/2005

    I really like this one, gold/yellow with nice effects on the front :) It's been released today :p
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    Ajax - PSV [R]

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH eat that PSV, we kicked ur @ss with 2-1 and finally after 9 years Ajax won against PSV in de Arena with a fantastic goal from Sneijder :o and the 2-1 from Nicolae Mitea the Romenian!!!!!!! Vennegoor had the chance to score for open goal but...
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    Kitfactory Doesn't Work!!!

    Well that's it really :rolleyes: The subject says it all! I installed the Kitfactory and the other Kitfactory that SgZ advises to install but it doesn't work for me. Herman has send me his great Barca kit for the game to make ss for him but I can't import it somehow with Kitfactory, it...
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    Holland And Dutch Competition Back!!

    Finally the Holland Casino Eredivisie will be back in Fifa, I can't wait to play with my favorites in the league and the Dutch national team will be back as well, just read it in PC Gamezone and EA confirmed it, they agreed about the license!:bob::bob::bob::bob: Cheers
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    Chivu Back To Ajax!!

    Well it's official, Roma couldn't hand over any bankguarantee so Chivu is returning to Ajax, it was just on the news here. Too bad for Roma and for Chivu himself of course, he was really looking forward to it. I can't believe the way Roma did this, if I were Chivu I would sue them (nothing...
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    Zdenek Grygera To Ajax

    YEEESSSSSSSSSS GRYGERA IS NOW PLAYING FOR AJAX!! (H) Juventus wanted him, so did Borussia, Monaco and Schalke but he chose AJAX and signed this morning for 4 years! He's very happy and proud to play for Ajax he told the media and we are happy to have him next to Julien Escudé I think we got a...
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    To Alex The Fontmaker!!

    Alex since you make fantastic fonts for the game, can you make this one with the Ajaxlogo?? I would really appreciate it :)
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    Chivu Isn't Going Anywhere

    Chivu will stay at Ajax this season, this is the text on the homesite: Chivu is blij terug te zijn Amsterdam, 7 juli 2003 Hoewel zijn vakantie door het spelen van twee interlands en een neusoperatie slechts twee weekjes duurde, voelt Cristian Chivu zich weer uitgerust. De...
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    Why redcarded???

    I wonder why so much people get redcarded lately?? Everyone knows that there are certain individuals here who are picking fights with regulars here or being disrespectfull. Now Hans is redcarded, I know that the thread he started wasn't very smart but a RED CARD??? Come on, I think a yellow...
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    New Tottiface

    Someone asked me a while ago if I knew if there was another Tottiface on the net because the generic one sucked from EA well here it is. He is more tanned now, changed the hair a bit (more his style) and edited the face, I tink it's the best up to date! Here are a few screeniez, I didn't make...