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  1. Luis7

    Bug offside proclub FIFA20?

    Hi guys, I would like your opinion on this action that happened during a pro club game. My team and I were wondering if it's a fifa bug or a cheat. I am part of the team that conceded the goal, and we think that the player who scored, at the moment of the long throw of the defender, is offside...
  2. Luis7

    Problem drop FPS dx12

    Hi, does anyone know how to unlock the FPS drop from 30 to 60 during the menu and replays? I've already tried manually activating triple buffering and vertical synchronization from the NVIDIA control panel. In the demo this procedure works. PS. In the game settings the limit is set to 60FPS
  3. Luis7

    Overly Sky Sport ITALIA

  4. Luis7

    Shoes Unlocked

    Hi, is there a way to get the shoes unlocked on fifa 18, which are also compatible with the online?
  5. Luis7

    Goal Net Color And Size

    [IT] Salve ragazzi, questa mod che ho creato aumenta e diminuisce la profondità delle reti delle porte, in più ho modificato anche il colore (la rete di colore bianco prima era grigia, adesso è bianco, ho modificato anche il colore di altre 8 reti: bianco-rosso; nero-giallo; nero-bianco ecc.)...
  6. Luis7

    Opening .RX3 Files

    Hello, with which program I open files .rx3 ?? I use FIFA 2014 File Explorer v1.0.3.0 Jenkey1002 but I almost always crashes !!! Help !!!!
  7. Luis7

    Net Tension

    Hello everyone, I open this new thread because I have a problem with the supply tension of the doors. Let me explain: I changed the value of the depth of the door of the stadium Santiago Bernabéu with DB Master, to make it like the real thing, that is long and tense. The problem is that FIFA...