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    CONCACAF Superleague

    Does anyone happen to have this still alongside J-League?
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    Fifa 13 Control Tips

    As for the headers, you need to time them. Some practicing, and you'll learn it. Also, when I score headers, I cross near.
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    [PC] sKeerZ SummerPatch 12-13 "NEW GAME" 1.0 [UPDATED]

    Two Podolskis? :) It should be Walcott/Gervinho on the right
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    Lordtom's Summer Update

    Plans changed, reinstalled FIFA, so a few more days+Premier League instead Bundesliga first.
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    Summer Transfers Squad File - 29th July

    It'd say it appears to be damaged if I'm not wrong.
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    Lordtom's Summer Update

    Hello there! I'm planning to make my own summer transfers(mainly) update for Fifa 12. I'll release them league by league, first comes Bundesliga. Expect it in the next few days. The difference between other patches is, that I'll make it a bit more detailed, adding every players who came from...
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    Patches don't work

    I have tried installing a lot of patches on my Fifa 12(Winter rosters too). Regenerated, game asked me to delete Squads 1, then reseted it. Nothing was changed comparing to the original game. Checked with CM 12, no changes there too. Can someone help me?
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    How can I add Maldives
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    Squads updates

    I belive it includes these transfers(if they wasn't in yet): James McFadden to Everton Mikael Forssell to Leeds Vangelis Moras to Swansea Jonathan Reis to Vitesse Jos Hooiveld to Southampton Andreas Hinkel to Freiburg Timo Hildebrand to Schalke El-Hadji Diouf to Doncaster Plus maybe some...
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    World-Wide National Teams Patch 2012

    So, you have added Forssell to Leeds, McFadden to Everton, Hildebrand to Schalke, Vangelis Moras to Swansea, Hooiveld to Southampton, Jonathan Reis to Vitessse, Rivas to Montreal etc?
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    Lower League patch 2012

    Okay then, thanks. Now I started working with GIMP, and I'm doing quit well, though I only tried car skinning.
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    SG Succession Game - Discussion

    Okay then, maybe I'll make my own challenge for it.
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    SG Succession Game - Discussion

    If it isn't decided already. I have made an Inter Prague team, you can download it in my thread. Perhaps we could take them to the top. I mean this...
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    Lordtom's league addons

    Hi there! If anyone interested, I have made some addon leagues for FM12.
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    No, unfortunately it isn't possible. But some people have tried it for Fifa 11(it wasn't released). But it would be good.
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    Lordtom's 2011 summer update

    Errr, I don't think it would work. It's two different databases. If you can stick without the new players(sorry, don't know if they have created), try this one: It's in CMP.
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    Career mode !!!

    That Traoré is very well known, and his name is Lacina Traoré. Free players list:
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    getting international players without teams, on career mode

    Sime Vrsaljko, and Milan Badelj of Croatia has got big potential. Especially Vrsaljko.
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    Career mode !!!

    Morale should be improved by winning games. Form is about how well they play. I mean, it's by their ratings in recent matches. But I don't really see any big difference.
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    Uefa Champions League and Uefa Europa League 2011/12 patch

    Debreceni VSC wasn't even in the UEFA Europa League qualifying. :P