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    ISP 16 - FIFA Israeli Patch 2016

    The patch will include Sammy Ofer Stadium (Haifa) and Turner Stadium (Be'er Sheva)!
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    ISP 16 - FIFA Israeli Patch 2016

    probably we're gonna add few stadiums, including sammy ofer
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    Faces Related Questions and Answers Thread - FAQ's

    hi. lately i've started editing faces for fifa 16, using fifa 15 head models. these are the problems i have: - green/blue textures, instead of the textures i've put. - face models ingame aren't like in cm - players look weird pics:
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    ISP 16 - FIFA Israeli Patch 2016

    OUR FACEBOOK PAGE Greetings. A new team of moderators are glad to declare the new Israeli patch for FIFA 16 - Israeli Patch 2016, in sum ISP 16. After a year without an Israeli patch that includes Israeli teams, we are happy to make this comeback. Patch Properties: Israeli Winner League...
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    CM15 and Other Tools

    is copying patch from fifa 14 to fifa 15 safe? i want to switch 14 teams from fifa 14 to fifa 15.
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    FIFAIsrael's - IFL 15

    we wanted to release a demo version of ifl (for fifa 15 demo only), that would include maccabi tel-aviv, hapoel be'er sheva, hapoel tel-aviv and maccabi haifa. unfortunately, we had problem with fifa 15 faces (red-green face texture). we're perfectionists, and if the patches aren't perfect...
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    Face Texture Issue

    i copied fifa 14 players database into fifa 15 players database. i had players which didn't have any head models, so i changed all players head model to 1. now i have another problem, there are players who instead of having a normal color, they have red-green head color. any solution?
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    FIFAIsrael's - IFL 15

    FIRST glimpse to the patch! there's no accurate release date for the patch, but the tempo is high and it should be released in the close days
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    FIFAIsrael's - IFL 15

    private message yes. we can send you these files, stay tuned.
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    FIFA 15 Demo + Teams Pack

    great work, what about israel?
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    [FIFA 15 Demo] Serie A Patch

    i have the knowledge of compdata, i don't have the knowledge of fifa 15 demo. i'm not creating a fifa 15 demo patch for no reason, not that useful but good for my team.
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    [FIFA 15 Demo] Serie A Patch

    do you know how can i add new id teams? great work!
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    FIFAIsrael's - IFL 15

    Patch Features: - Winner League, National League - A combination of both A Leagues, which will include 14 teams - The leagues include full structure of playoffs, promotion & relegation, Europe, etc - Israeli National Team + Israel U21 + Israeli Classic XI Team - Realistic database of the Israeli...
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    xyrho_44's Faces

    great one
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    For Editors Who Used DBM Only

    i'm not sure that it's about the blank tables. thanks for help
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    For Editors Who Used DBM Only

    true. i haven't finished modifying the tables yet.
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    For Editors Who Used DBM Only

    hi, i've started editing fifa 15 demo with dbm. when i'm trying to save my work, i get an error "Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types." i'm not a programmer, so i have no idea why do i have an error. help please.
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    FIFA 15 Modding Thread

    did someone managed to import demo's language file/s?
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    ?? info please