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    A tune me and my friend recorded...

    Me and my mate recorded this a few days back, a bit of a latin bossanova track, see what you think! Note, this is all original work.. I even wrote the lyrics.. (so if they are lame...) Clicky Here! Warning, at the end there is some swearing, but only the last line
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    What happens when you try and fit 25 week coursework into 4 days solid work...

    I haven't slept in 25 hours now, and for about 24 of those ive been looking at a f*cking computer screen trying to get this work done... Now I've finally snapped, I was just looking at Tom's Emma Watson sig and i thought it was a gif and she was winking at me... Dear god... Let me...
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    A special kit request..

    I was wondering whether anyone could do the England Grey kit from Euro 96 for me at all, it doesnt need to be too detailed. I need it for a Pro Evo music video that im in the process of making.. cheers.
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    Another Hierro HotShot!

    Take a look at this beauty from way outside the penalty area, Hierro is a hero! Hierro HotShot!
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    Hierro - Hero...

    Check out this volley from the legend that is Hierro in my West Ham Master League team. Hierro Volley Beautiful...
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    The "o" file.. what exactly is it and how do I use it?

    From the thread (Huz's) it was available in, I didn't really understand fully what it was.. does it let you view your kit in full 3D (DRC style)? And if so, how can I do this as I can't find any tutorial on how to use it, even in the thread it was available in. Cheers for any help anyone can...
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    Nazi Hate Rock..

    I'm watching the programme on Channel 5 now, and I'm not an intolerant person, but these people scare me. Apparently, they aren't 'intolerant' but have extreme views, but surely thats contradicting yourself. I'm all for freedom of speech, but inciting violence against people who are...
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    My New POD XT LIVE!!!!

    The sweetest guitar effects pedal ever made.. ...and to show you how good it is, i recorded something for you... it almost sounds... professional!!! Recording of 'NOTHING ELSE MATTERS' by Metallica ...(but by me) Enjoy!!
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    Another Tune I recorded...

    This is 'My Friends' by RHCP that me and my friend recorded a few days back, see what you think..
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    GoldenSpike's 2GK Kit Thread [2006]

    Read my next post...
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    Recorded a tune!

    My friend has a recording studio in his house (its only small, but still cool) and I went round there to Jam with him for a bit last night and we ended up recording a cover of the Chili's song 'Breaking the Girl'. I'm the one who's singing and playing the guitar and he plays the bass and...
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    Rate my tunes..

    I finally got my guitar to plug into my PC and I've started making some tunes. I'll be uploading em on Mixposure ( if you want to hear any of em. My name on it is GoldenSpike. My first one is just a bare bones chill out tune, 2 Guitars nothing more, check it out...
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    Ashley Cole, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea all guilty in 'tapping up' row...

    Lets see what punishments are handed out. A fine wont exactly hurt Chelsea will it?
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    G-Spike's Experimental GFX Thread

    Lets start with a watery one...
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    <# Orbalicious #> (Created out of boredom)

    Here's an orb looking thing for you all..
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    GoldenSpike's Kit Thread **No Requests**

    *Bin a while eh?* I've started doing kits again, as my exams are finally over :) (well ive still got 1 to go, but I had 16 to start with :() Anyway, I've started with Portugal Home, and as per usual the Big Front is first :)
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    Real Man Utd new home kit?????

    Found this, and it looks like it couldnt have been photoshopped! Be warned.. these things are FUGLY!
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    Final Fantasy 7 - Advent Children wallpaper

    Seeing as the new Final Fantasy movie, based on Final Fantasy 7 is coming out, I thought I'd make a wallpaper for it. Any comments are appreciated of course. Anyway, here it is:
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    GoldenSpike's 2GK thread - *No Requests!*

    Im back for a while, but ill be only posting a few kits because ive got exams very soon! Anyway, first up, the kit that i didnt properly finish last time, but have now :D Man utd home BF: And here's the full thing :) *Its now available at !! And heres...
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    GoldenSpike's 2GK thread *No requests!*

    I thought I'd make a new thread as I havent been around for a long long time. I have created some new techniques on my kits and can now share them with you :D. Here is Man Utd home first: And the full kit: (Martijin, can you post the SS you did for the kit in here please?) Ill...