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    Tips & Tricks

    i have some 1 billion in my club budget,i bought arsenal and buyed gerrard,terry,cassillas and pique,out of every 5 matches i lose to one even if that team is worst. Your thread is very helpful,thanks and keep up the good work.
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    Fifa Manager 11 setup

    Don't wanna freak you out but it looks like virus problem maybe,or else try this by disconnecting from internet.
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    FM 11 Editor help please!!!

    OH crap!!! i am really sorry i posted this in wrong section,sorry!
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    Chelsea F.C [2010-2011]

    Chelsea is a dominating team,but continuous changes in managers is effecting their gameplay,roman Abramovic who know's what's going in his mind?!?
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    Overlays Changer

    Thats some cool work man.
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    FM 11 Editor help please!!!

    Hey,can some please explain me how to get this editor get working,i transferred players like messi and hargreaves,improved their stats and tranferred them to stoke city but they dont.After editing i do go to save option and start a new game and select the editor database,but its still...
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    database editor trouble

    Same here mate,even i tried it aint workin:-(
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    Manchester United F.C Thread [2010/2011]

    Forever Manchester United!!!:innocent_smile_1::biggrinx::33vff3o:
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    Manager Mode Always crash after finish game!!!

    I never did any use of the editor though but it did happened to me once all i did was re-installed and it worked well:biggrinx:
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    Graphics by Moa

    those are cool,nice(Y)