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    Fifa 2011 database for FIFA 2007 !!!

    Can anyone convert the database ??
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    Fifa 07 Minifaces

    Minifaces for fifa 07 . *this minifaces are not made by me *looks better :browsmiley::sKIp_E:
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    09/10 kits (with request's)

    I will post here my kits for the 09/10 season.
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    Roster Update's

    by fsutriple_x
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    Greece League

    fsutriple_x Greece Super League
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    Fifa 2007 Update !!

    Hello to all. We made this section for those who want to do a collaboration and make an update to FIFA 2007, with new teams , kits , transfers, tours and sponsors. Anyone who wants to work to post here.
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    fsutriple_x kit's

    Kit's for Fifa 07