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  1. Dottegeo

    Help Fifa 14 with windows 10! - SOLVED

    Probably difficult to help me,but I try. I had fifa 14 working on windows 10 with my own edits. I remember I've changed aspect ratio in fifasetup file from 1.3333 to 1, probably I did some changes in game settings screen but I don't remeber wich exactly. Last day I reinstalled Fifa (I'm still...
  2. Dottegeo

    I'm searching for Uefa Champions League scoreboard with hymn intro

    Does anybody have the UCL scoreboard, better if 2014 one, with the music intro?
  3. Dottegeo

    Question about generic faces

    Is there a way to increase generic faces options in CM14 or with other tools?
  4. Dottegeo

    Conference League over European Supercup?

    Hello to everybody,is it possible in your opinion create a new cup (similar to Confederence League) editing the European Supercup with CM14? I haven't any mod installed,only edits by my own with CM14. Thank you for answers.
  5. Dottegeo

    Help:most frequent causes of crashing before start match

    Please,I need help. I got problems on my pc, ,reinstalled Fifa 14 by Origin, put my backup of my own edited Fifa 14 (it worked perfectelly),but now it crashes before match begins,in every mode (not only CM). I had a problem with formation in squad tab in CM14,but solved and still crashed,it...
  6. Dottegeo

    ROW teams transfers in career mode

    Is there any way to make Rest Of World team do some transfers in career mode? I tried a lot of thing:switching ids with CM14,edit transfer and transfers.ini files, change teams in playable leagues with CM14 and either inside game,etc Someone knows something that works?thanks
  7. Dottegeo

    Help for UCL scoreboard and intro hymn

    I think it is inside the moddingway patch (the binho's one?) but O'm searching for only Uefa Champions League intro with music intro for matches for my own edits. There is a way to find it?
  8. Dottegeo

    Generic and hidden callnames and i68scripter

    Hello everybody,I'm searching for help to find as many callnames as I can. I tried a command found on iard68's website to enable all of them,but it dind'nt worked and I also lost last edits. I tried to write him but I don't know if he will answer,somebody knows how to help me? Thanks.