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  1. Fifapat75

    Column of celebrations after the goal

    in the pleyers table of the squads what is the column of celebrations after the goal?
  2. Fifapat75

    Squad file for better gameplay available

    Welcome back!!
  3. Fifapat75

    Squadfile With Icons

    Isn't Arjen Robben here yet? What ID does it have?
  4. Fifapat75

    Compdata help

    I see. But if I play Serie A, the calendar reflects reality, there is the same calendar as in reality. If I wanted to play a random schedule, different from reality, what should I change and where?
  5. Fifapat75

    Compdata help

    How come in those "schedules" I can't find the Serie A that should have ID 31? Do I find it somewhere else?
  6. Fifapat75

    Gantavya's Gameplay Mod V2 Fixed GK

    Hey man, you have created great gameplay! I played a few games yesterday, great pace, great CPU performance. A great job. An Italian modder tells you, congratulations!
  7. Fifapat75

    Gantavya's Gameplay Mod V2 Fixed GK

    Hey man, it's not the projectfile.
  8. Fifapat75

    FIFA22 ENT World Cup Edition for FMM1.1.3

    Show! Do I therefore find a myriad of national teams? If I want, can I also play a tournament with 16 teams?
  9. Fifapat75

    How do you create a national team?

    Yes, import into the original loc file you find in Fifa Editor.
  10. Fifapat75

    How do you create a national team?

    Yes, it is as you say. I state, however, that my friends and I do not play careers but offline tournaments.
  11. Fifapat75

    How do you create a national team?

    Use FIFA Editor Tool v1.1.0, go to Legacy> data> Loc and download the loc file of your language and also the meta files (eg I am Italian, I download ita_it and ita_it.meta). Then use the Master DB and open the file (first open the ita_it.meta file and then the ita_it file in sequence). On the...
  12. Fifapat75

    How do you create a national team?

    I answer for myself as I have found the solution. 1) Open the Squads file with RDBM 2) Go to the "teamnationlinks" folder: in the "teamid" column find the ID of the team you want to change to the national team; in "leagueid" write 78 (it is the ID of the national teams); in "nationid" enter the...
  13. Fifapat75

    How do you create a national team?

    How do you create a national team? For example, if I wanted to modify an existing team (for example Swansea) and transform it into a national team (for example Croatia) in such a way as to find it in the national teams with the possibility of executing the summons (obviously only for Croatians)...
  14. Fifapat75

    Changing the head and face of a manager for non-fired teams (e.g. Juventus)

    Hi, help. I would like to change the head and face of a manager like I did in FIFA 21, but I noticed that in Fifa 22 there is something different. If I want to change the face of Max Allegri of Juventus, in the Squads file (with RDBM program), in the "manager" folder I cannot find Juventus (ID...
  15. Fifapat75

    FIFA 22 Cheat Table

    Hi friend, in this version 22 there is no "Match-fixing" option?
  16. Fifapat75

    FIFA Editor Tool for FIFA 22

    I can't enter my locale.ini with the FIFA Editor. I go to Tools> Locale.ini and create the locale, then I save, but when I launch the game with the Mod Manager it doesn't let me choose which one to apply to my game in the mod manager.
  17. Fifapat75

    Red and yellow cards in RDBM

    In the career file with the RDBM program, in which table do I find the red and yellow cards received by the players?
  18. Fifapat75

    Tutorials - How to make New Leagues, unlock CONMEBOL teams, licence Unlicenced teams

    Do you know if it is possible to change the Champions League as a tournament (no career) and eliminate the away goal which is worth double?