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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    What do you mean with 3.? Because I installed the patch and my game lags...
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    Wolverin´s Face-Lab 10

    Nice faces :D altes Haus xP Denkst du noch an die versprochenen VfB-Faces? :D Ich zitiere: "die Kicker-Bilder sind verdammt gut" ... es gäbe da so einen gewissen Julian Schieber *pfeif*
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    Request a Face Thread

    I have also a request... Julian Schieber, VfB Stuttgart, German Under 21 National Team
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    Use the clean fat tool in the File Master.
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    Very good! Check your PM's ;)
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    FIFA 10 Forum - Coming Soon

    You can downoad it for example here:
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    Faces by Gamal

    Fantastic Khedira! When will you release it?
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    Apollox Realistic Gameplay

    Thats the wrong place here. And say "bastard" to an user is a reason the give you warning.
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    SGD Fan´s Shop09

    very nice ;)
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    FV|Luces 09 Kits!

    Looks very nice ;)
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    Minis by 09 texture

    Nice minikit ;)
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    Kits 2009/2010 overview

    We change our hoster... so you have for a few days to use this link:
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    Pepis21 Stuff

    very good kits! ;)
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    Kits 2009/2010 overview

    I don't know, if Slowhand creates a Club Kits Quick Search for the season 2009/2010. But I started in the FIFA Point Forum an overview with all created kits for the next season: Visit Overview Kits 09/10 for FIFA 09
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    Some new 09/10 kits of barclays premier league !

    Yes, sure. Look at the kits. One is from BlauGraner, another from Tima55.
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    Some new 09/10 kits of barclays premier league !

    Why do you post kits from other kitmakers?
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    Balti's Textiles

    very nice ;)
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    SGD Fan´s Shop09

    very nice kitpack ;)
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    Pepis21 Stuff

    Ah okay ;) Will you make more Bundesliga kits? For example Berlin or Bayern 3rd
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    Pepis21 Stuff

    very nice bayern kit ;) but T-Home and Bundesliga logos are missing.