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    Xbox-bug! Take care of your edited teams and players!

    i have had that too... and not from signing into xbox live... it just occurs sometimes.. usually if i switch the xbox off while its not on the main front screen... luckily for me, i have my data backed up on a dongle, so its not that much of a problem...
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    exit with out saving

    didnt one of the versions save every step of the way you took, in your history? that would make using the task manager pointless as there was a history of you cheating.... maybe this could be incorporated back into the game... another idea is for it to save every time a goal is scored...
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    CR4-1-3-1-1 tactic

    is very similar to one of the tactics i use....
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    What database do you use?

    huge database england - (conference north/south above) italy - (serie c2 and above) portugal - (2nd div 2 and above) spain -(2nd division b and above) germany - (regional division and above) holland - (first division and above) france - (national and above) scotland - (3rd division...
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    I don't get this game!

    surprise surprise....
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    I don't get this game!

    let me guess... their keeper got a 9 or a 10 rating?
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    how can i make my strikers score.

    yea.. had this repeatedly... so much so, that iv stopped playin the game....
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    Adu is inelegible

    because hes 15.... wont be able to play until 16
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    This is ridiculous

    they are now lookin into this as so many complained....
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    Assistant managers?

    its possible, but they are more likely to be offered jobs as full managers of other clubs if you do have them all as assistant manager... thats what used to happen to me on 03/04 anyway...
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    FM2005; Return of the shooting bug?

    if this is happening then send SI a pkm of the match and they will look at it now.... too late for my saved games as i have uninstalled, but look on the SI site for info on how to, save a pkm and then email it to them explaining what they are looking at... the more of these we can get sent...
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    FM2005; Return of the shooting bug?

    arsenal press teams, break up play in the middle and then attack with great pace in numbers... and so do i... i break up the play in the middle and then hit them on the counter, with pace. its a very good system. i get many chances and restrict the opposition to few.... at the end of...
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    FM2005; Return of the shooting bug?

    just been back onto SI site about this... they have told me that i have to play slower and let the opposition have more chances as they dont recognise this as an issue.... im baffled to see the replys of me playing very well but having the comp score on their few chances, to be told to...
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    FM2005; Return of the shooting bug?

    yea, they are working on it at the moment, but the strikers issue wont be in it as they dont think there is a problem.....
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    FM2005; Return of the shooting bug?

    yea it does.... i read it on the SI site somewhere..... recalculates it when you make changes to tactics or players, etc....
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    FM2005; Return of the shooting bug?

    yea.. im probably being melodramatic, but its so dam frustrating. especially when im playing birmingham city... i kick their arse and go 1-0 up, then from out of the blue, they go and score 2 out of nowehere with the only shots they have all game.... and all of my strikers couldnt hit the back...
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    FM2005; Return of the shooting bug?

    apparently its something to do with the conversion rates... im disputing this, but they seem to think its the minority that are having the problem even though theres a new thread about it every day.... i think im just not going to buy the game and give it a miss... a bit like my strikers...
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    FM2005; Return of the shooting bug?

    their goal was a free shot in the middle of the box.... it didnt deflect so should have counted as a shot. if it goes in the net then its on target and counts as a shot on target... this is just 1 of a number of games where i pummel the opposition, and get screwed over by the comp who has...
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    FM2005; Return of the shooting bug?

    but these are just 2 screen shots of many where i kick arse on chances, at least over 20+ on average and they have 1 or 2 attempts and score from those. most of the games i have won, but thats not the point. on SI site they are claiming its all about conversion rates. now if thats true, then...