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    say NO to FIFA 08!

    Don't be fooled. this game has more crap in it than hitlers speeches. i can't get over how dumb this game is. you think it's the best footy game ever and then u realise all the f*cktards online who know all the exploits and score 2-3 absolute bullsh!t goals on u vs. your 10 fair and realistic...
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    FIFA 08 NEXT-GEN -let down online

    online is fine, usually lag free[ish]. my problem is the game coding. it's too easy to hit an accurate long shot, thus EA made goalkeepers super human to save the BEST efforts after well worked chances. the only gripe is to get around this you just exploit the fact they can't use their legs...
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    old, new, WHO GIVES A F*CK!? it's funny.

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    banned from official forums??

    please check: It says I'm not authorized onto the page, explaining my IP is banned. "You are not authorized to view this page" Don't know why, might be a problem they're having. Let me know fella's. cheers. NK.
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    EASPORTS-WORLD - 2 goals

    hey guys, I've only just started my manager mode and getting used to the mechanics of the game properly. This game is so addictive and by far the best footy simulation I have played. I'm using Stoke City and they are fab! wooo. Not lost a game yet on semi-pro, but it's one of those things...
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    EA forum down?

    just me or are the official community forums down? :eek: hmmm, please check; Think we'll have the 360 demo next week, an educated guess. NK.
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    PES might just get the sh!t kicked outta it. Read and love it! NK.
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    Biggest retard on This guy is a moron. I saw some dumb video on this 'Jorg' thumb thingy, which was...erm...werid. Then links to other video's. I guess the video is this kids attempt at been 'Jorg'. However, he's an idiot. Nick.
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    running super-fast??

    i played this kid last night and i ended up quitting because everytime he got the ball to C ronaldo, he ran 4x faster than his normal attributes would allow. Over at Ea forums sum kids know how to do it, but it is annoying not to know! Does anyone know the rule to doing this? I simply want to...
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    The Wall!

    Me and my friend Micky play online in multi-co op mode and recently tonight we've had a streak of 3 wins and in two of the games the other two players' for the full game had 0 shots. We call our defence 'the wall' because when the other team attacks, it's like they hit a brick wall cause they...
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    360 Blog Official EA SPORTS FIFA 07 page. Check it out. Nick.
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    X06: 360 FIFA 07 GAMESPOT: New Preview;img;2 Here ya go boys and........girls? Maybe just the one? this is most definately a sausage fest :nape: haha. Enjoy! NK.
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    i got the new demo working

    downloaded it off the ftp server last night, and didn't extract it but instead double clicked on the Zip file and then started up the FIFA07 executable file and ran it. Loaded up fine!! Not sure at all, probably wrong....but it seemed a tad more challenging :jap: Anyway, seems to be...
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    just played PS2 demo @ HMV!

    Just went into my local HMV store in Leeds City centre and discovered a lovely PS2 demo playable. So I didn't play it....... Joke!! The gameplay is much improved, but very similar! It almost 'feels' just like FIFA 06, but it's slower and the animations are slower and more realistic...
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    New Video: Dream Sequence gameplay 3rd movie down; all credit to AntiGS60 over at the Official FIFA 07 forums. Nick.
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    NK FOOTBALL © : 2006 FIFA World Cup ™ update

    <span style="font-size:14.0pt">NK FOOTBALL © : V8</span> <span style="font-size:14.0pt">2006 FIFA World Cup 06 ™: Based on V8</span> Want the best gameplay update available for your 2006 FIFA World Cup 06 ™ game? <b>Released 30th June 06</b> Right here! Do NOT miss it!! NK...
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    Nk Football © V7: Download Now!!

    <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:14.0pt">NK FOOTBALL © V7</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:12.5pt">FIFA ™ “GAMEPLAY UPDATE” 06</span></p> It’s out and waiting for you to install everyone! V7 is out now to download! No ifs or buts, the update was finished...
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    NK FOOTBALL © : Wants to know your thoughts!

    <b><i>Let us know your thoughts</i></b> NK FOOTBALL © received plenty of feedback on V6 that was released a month or so ago. Users enjoyed the realism and challenging gameplay, but for some it was too much to handle for they weren't highly experienced FIFA ™ gamers but still wanted to use my...
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    -=new-= Nk Football © - V6

    <p> <img src="" alt="FIFA Gameplay Update 06" width="640" height="480" border="0" align=""> </p> <body> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:14.0pt">NK FOOTBALL © : </span> <span style="font-size:12.5pt">FIFA ™ “GAMEPLAY...
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    USB joystick, GAME. Won't work!! I have two controllers one is Logitech Dual Action USB (works fine) and the other is only looked at a 'USB joystick' (link above) and FIFA 06 doesn't recognise it, it won't use the right stick for freestyle and I've tried doing all...