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    What do you do for a living (now)

    There was a similar thread way back but that was when most of the people hanging around here were still at their teens and senior high school years. So, it's been quiet a while since I've been here, let's see how is everybody doing in their daily lives now. I am now working as a journalist...
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    How is everybody doing?

    It's been a long, long time since I posted here.... So, how are you guys doing? How many of you from the 2002 and 2003 class still survive?
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    My mother died today....

    I have considered most of you guys as friends even though we never met each other in real life..... My mother died today because of cancer. She is a wonderful woman and will always be in my heart. RIP.
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    Beach sand art

    This guy Jim Denevan paints beach sands only using a stick:
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    You think you're a good driver?
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    Hey Bobby... I'm working in that newspaper... Wish me luck getting an exclusive a'ight...
  7. H => the search engine for Muslims

    h**p:// The creator of this search engine claims that: - it will not display any search for porn - it will not display any search related to infidelity - it will not display any search for profanity Bad business in my book....
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    My country... (H)(H)(H)!!!!
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    Post your dream team!!!!

    It's lame I know, but we've been missing these kind of threads for months and probably one is needed to revive this slowly dying forum....
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    Weirdest regulation in the world

    Got this from another forum, translate it here: • In Lebanon, men are allowed to have sex with animals as long as it was a "she". If a guy romp a male animal then he will be executed... • In Bahrain, a docter can only observe a female genital through a mirror... • In Guam, there is a...
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    Would you wear these?

    Seriously, WTF man??? :|
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    "Tree-Man" from Bandung (Warning : Disturbing Pics)

    This is actually true, since I saw this guy once when I still lived in Bandung, Indonesia. It was a rare case of a skin cancer and even Discovery Channel covered his issue. After 8 months of treatments, he is now clear to leave hospital, just wanna share it with you guys: Before: After:
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    74 year old pornstar

    Hugh got nothing on this guy...
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    Domain for Sale

    I am selling my domain since I am too busy doing my real job than updating my site. My domain is : , it has a google page rank 2/10 and has a consistent number of visitors, you will at least has 200 visitors per day, and it's on the top 10 of google search result for the...
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    The Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Tribute Thread

    I wanna dedicate this thread to probably one of the most beloved figure in the world of football : Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.... I couldn't think of any reason why anyone could hate him, even for non-United fans. He is legendary for his loyalty and his work ethics, kept his mouth shut never got...
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    Live Rape Pics...

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    Congratulation India... I got the feeling in the future this is gonna be a classic match up of all time : KHALI VS SONJAY DUTT
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    Only in Indonesia...

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    I am in Europe !!!!

    Amsterdam to be exact... Gonna go to Paris to meet my gal... Cheers to European based SG members :D