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    Weird Graphic Glitch? Please Help!

    Hi All, So I am up to Moddingway 28.0.0 all updated fine. I then went into CM16 and added three players from the legends database however I have unchecked the minifaces and specific heads as per these steps... 1) Copy data folder in your FIFA 15 main folder (Overwrite all) 2) Open FIFA 15...
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    Boots by Cleverley 11

    Fellas, Decided after a while to get back into this. Despite Fifa 18 being on the cusp of modding I thought I would post here as it more active. I'm *only* going to do either concepts or really weird versions of boots that the really good modders here don't do as I can't compete with those...
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    Cleverley11's Graphics

    I have no idea what you might think of these but I started a thread recently asking for help and did my best. This a few hours worth of work once I learnt about layers in photoshop... I call them the Nike "Sticker Bomb" collection. I have only done the Hypervenom and Superfly so far (There's my...
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    Tutorial For Boot/Kit Making???

    Hi, I asked about this feature last year but didn't really get any response so here's hoping this year will be different. I know a lot of very talented people like Mh25, Xuskan and alex_10 to name a few make some incredible boots etc but I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to...
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    Hi, Is anyone willing, or knows where I could find a video or tutorial that takes an initial design of a book/kit and then creates it in photoshop/blender all the way to importing it into Fifa? I appreciate I'm a complete no0b but I have a few months off and would really like to make a start...
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    ModdingWay Conflicts With Creation Master

    Hello, First thread so please be gentle. I'm struggling to find a way to have both ... Moddingway 2.5.1 Creation Master 14 working simultaneously. 1. Is this possible or do I need two separate installs? 2. If so how do I change between installs via origin? If it does work then...