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  1. LuanRibeiro

    Minifaces for any Patch

    Poderias me passar o link, por favor?
  2. LuanRibeiro

    FIFA Infinity Patch 19

    Does anyone have the v13 update to be able to run the mod? If anyone has, please make me available, I will be very grateful
  3. LuanRibeiro

    Creation Wizard 19

    I wonder if it is only me that happens this error: When transferring a player on loan to my team in career mode, the game hangs, does anyone else do that?
  4. LuanRibeiro

    Creation Wizard 2019

    Será possível editar as ligas também? Como por exemplo adicionar a Russian Premier League, adicionar os times que faltam no Campeonato Brasileiro? Parabéns pelo desenvolvimento da ferramenta e torço muito pra que dê certo!
  5. LuanRibeiro

    FIFA Community Mod VI - 2018/2019

    Sensational the patch, I'm happy for such a complete work for fifa 18, never seen before, congratulations. Here is my appeal to follow the editions in fifa 18 and not abandon this version, as many will not be able to play the 19 ... I hope that our appeals are heard. Congratulations on the...
  6. LuanRibeiro

    FIFA Community Mod - Old Versions

    What is the most up-to-date squad link for Mod version 4.1? I'm a fan of Sebbastos, great job, I'm from Brazil and I'm loving playing this mod! hugs brother.