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    Kits by Sehmsdorf-11

    inter looks marvellous!
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    My little creations 10

    perfect kits!!!
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    Kits All World

    Great Chile Patch. muy bien!
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    Kits All World

    hola a Chile, great kits amigo, go on
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    Carson's Kits

    Great kits, I love them. Did you make Celtic away?
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    minikits and kits by alex 1008

    Beautiful kits. go on with classics
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    Stylus' Kits Thread

    Great Milan retro kits. Let's see more
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    Graysky's Flag & Banner Collection

    Great flags!!! Please reupload VILLAREAL flags, the link is down. Thanx
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    minikits and kits by alex 1008

    perfect kits
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    ((((xto kits 10))))

    So many great kits in one post. Thank you!
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    ((((xto kits 10))))

    Great kits!
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    Josepa's Kits

    Please more VAE kits, great Al Ain :-O Scottish club kits from 1988, very cool and special
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    Kits (by theking14)

    here you can find all of these kits and a lot more:
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    ((((xto kits 10))))

    perfect kits!
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    My little creations 10

    quantity and quality. you're a kitmachine:mambo:. thank you for your great work
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    ((((xto kits 10))))

    Hi, will you release your ASCENSO MX 14/15 kits? Your previews look great.
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    My little creations 10

    Your kits look great in my fifa manager game. thank you for doing the smaller clubs!
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    Copa Pilsener 2015 - Ecuador

    Great kits !!!
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    Some kits...

    Please reupload the Montpellier kits, only the 3rd kit is online. Thanx
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    ****Roberto 001 Kit Specialties****

    I know those people. Some years ago I did some editing and patches for fifa manager and many people don't understand that you do this in your spare time just for fun. A lot of patchmakers stopped editing because of those idiots and therefore I'm getting angry. Go on with your great kits