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  1. Vuanhhungify

    Faces Conversion fifa 21 to fifa 15

    Hi can you make faces Takumi Minamino, Gianluca Waldschmidt, Philipp Max.
  2. Vuanhhungify

    Cappo92 "Converting Faces"

    Can you make Luka Jovic face ?
  3. Vuanhhungify

    Thai Premier League 2009/10

    Thai Premier League 2009/10 Link download: Have enjoy! :33vff3o:
  4. Vuanhhungify

    FIFA 10 STADIUMS shared by Marian T.

    Can you reupload link ? Thanks! :innocent_smile_1:
  5. Vuanhhungify

    MLS Fantasy League

    oahh, good patches :v thanks man
  6. Vuanhhungify

    FIFA 10 - All Nationalteams Collection

  7. Vuanhhungify

    Some style stadiums

    No, sorry man
  8. Vuanhhungify

    How can I insert stadiums in FIFA 10?

    oh, you haven't set up owner of this stadium
  9. Vuanhhungify

    Please ai.ini common product

    here Use FM10 to open it
  10. Vuanhhungify

    Some style stadiums

    you can try to change ID stadiums
  11. Vuanhhungify

    Some style stadiums

    Some style stadiums are converted from FIFA 07 Screenshots And this is link enjoy :)
  12. Vuanhhungify

    FIFA 10 Grass patch by Sami 1999

    Yes, exactly, so how to get more mowing patterns in fifa ?
  13. Vuanhhungify

    FIFA 10 Grass patch by Sami 1999

    I have a problem. My mowing pattern only limit to ID 3. Solutions please...
  14. Vuanhhungify

    FIFA 10 Grass patch by Sami 1999

    No, only this stadium, and others are ok. Here is link stadium error Please help
  15. Vuanhhungify

    FIFA 10 Grass patch by Sami 1999

    Sorry, I have an error. Can you help me fix ? Thanks
  16. Vuanhhungify


    you try create like this
  17. Vuanhhungify

    Some Leagues Asian cmp

    sorry for error kits of Kyoto Sanga FC. Here kits
  18. Vuanhhungify

    Some Leagues Asian cmp

    Hi, i update some leagues Asian enjoy ^^
  19. Vuanhhungify

    Crash be a pro & manager mode

    when I go in board expectation in office in manage mode, the game CRASH. What reason ? Please everybody...