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    FIFA 09 PC will be Next-Gen Style Graphics

    Don't for a second think that consoles are more powerful than PCs. Look at Call of Duty 4, it runs at higher resolution and higher FPS on PCs than the consoles. Don't say PC's technology isn't being utilized either, look at Crysis. Now, you are kinda right - there's next to nill market for the...
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    First UEFA EURO 2008 footage in Next-gen! (Weather is in) ;)

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sorry for dragging this thread off-course and responding to such a dated post but are you saying that a PC is not capable of running games up to a console's standard? "I doubt we will see the quality of next-gen games on PC's anytime soon." I've read your post a good 5 times...
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    Yep, driving can be an ass. But just concentrate on a good swing and dont worry as much how far you hit it, just keep it straight. Eventually it'll come (6)
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    Exactly, short-game, short-game, short-game. Work in from about 50 yards, but spend a lot of time putting. Dont worry about the driver, it will come. Once you can knock it in the hole consistently from on and around the green, you don't need to worry much about the drive.
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    I'm joining the US army

    without some war you probably wouldnt be able to sit there and give people your anti-military messages.
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    Guess The Quote...

    The Godfather... Your produce alone has been worth the trip.
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    Manchester United Thread [2005/2006]

    Quite right. What other choice do we have? You act like we have money to throw around, we don't. New signings in January? I doubt it. In the summer? Until you show me the money, I won't be convinced Fergie CAN do anything about it. Please prove me wrong :jap: Replaced, certainly. Now...
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    CHELSEA FC Thread [2005-2006]

    Bring back England's answer to Ronaldo :f***:
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    CHELSEA FC Thread [2005-2006]

    That, quite possibly, could be your downfall. Like pede54 said in a separate thread, nobody's high's will last forever, just as their low's will not last forever. Not having a go at Chelsea, they've done fabulous, I just had to say that.
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    JUVENTUS Campioni D'Italia Thread [2005-2006]

    Mutu 1-1. Camos having a great game so far.
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    FM 2006 ....a big dissapointment.. ):

    I know, I can never get passed the first 2-3 seasons in less than a month or so. Not because its boring, but I'm never focused into it, I always have the tele on or am on some other site. The farthest I've gotten was 2015 with West Ham in FM05.
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    Manchester United Thread [2005/2006]

    If my team was top of the league and winning almost everything in sight, I would find it quite funny as well :(
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    Manchester United Thread [2005/2006]

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, face up Mikel, you signed with us, you should stick with it... God, this is so irritating :|
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    HELP!!! I hate shooting :(

    Yes, it's scripted to be random.... But you are right - while it is scripted to try to be real, the CPU does choose when you score.
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    The definition of a true fan

    You ******* idiot, if someone declares themself as a fan, then they are. It's up to that person to decide for himself, not for you to go ******* around calling other people fake fans. It doesn't ******* matter if someone is emotionally attached, if they feel they are a fan, then they are...
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    Roy Keane Leaves Man Utd [R]

    Yes, I wasnt at all surprised when I found out he was a boxer :jap: But that's cool, I didnt know he was unbeaten :)
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    George Best Sweepstake Thread

    isnt' drinking yourself to death when youve been given a chance a little....wrong? :confused:
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    JOKES!! Post them here!

    Stale = bad smelling Mate = Aussie :rolleyes:
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    Super Tactics

    Yeah, I have the same problem, but I'm also literally unable to score. I have relatively good players for the Championship, I thought this was a good attacking formation?