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    BPL Overlay In All Leagues and Modes

    Thanks man. This is the solution. Of course you need to take the 6, since this is the ID for BPL overlay.
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    BPL Overlay In All Leagues and Modes

    Hi, as stated here I want to have the BPL overlay not only in BPL matches offline, but also in Bundesliga matches and even every online mode. Since I am absolutely new in editing (I only know where to put the files from previous versions) I tried to do it by myself and obviously it didn't work...
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    Adboards, Balls, Boots, Scoreboards Request Thread

    Is there anybody here doing scoreboards and overlays? Or is it possible to use the FIFA14 ones? If noone is doing explicit scoreboards I would be glad if someone could extract the current BPL overlays that I can use them in every gamemode. Thanks in advance.
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    Gameplay Question

    I am playing FIFA for years and all of them have more or less minor and major issues in gameplay. But FIFA15 is freaking the hell out of me. Most important for me is protect the ball (ptb). Ptb is used by Lt to protect the ball (obiously) by putting the body between the ball and the opponent...
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    FIFA 15 Font + Overlays

    That's the question I ask myself too. I am sick of the standard scoreboards by EA and since there are no real-life scoreboards on the market yet, I would like to force the BPL ones in every game. In the last years it was sufficient to rename the .bigs (if avaiable) and regenerate. And whom I am...
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    FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

    UT sucks at least of the gameplay itself. There are much more bullshit goals and other happenings than in online season. Although I play UT. Maybe not mainly, but more than from time to time. When the Webapp started, I traded a bit (and I mean a bit, not to be confused with trading 1kk and...
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    FIFA 15 Full - Impressions

    Of course I didn't checked every team, but as far as I know every team which plays at home has the choreo. The choreo itself is iddentical with all teams, so badge and few stripes. And yeah, FIFA15 ist definitively good. I would prefer Demo gameplay with a few tweaks though.
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    FIFA 15 Full - Impressions

    Yes. And not only in replays.
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    FIFA 15 Full - Impressions

    Well, it isn't bad at all but gameplay is worse to demo. Same procedure as evvery year. But it my opinion, gameplay is way more "fluent" than fifa14 than fifa15 demo. The demo felt direct and quite snappy. I don't know how to explain it properly, but all these little breaks you had with a ball...
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    FIFA 15 Language Pack

    Is it still sufficient to copy the and .big files to install directory? Although the game is not palyable atm.
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    Very Nice In Game Hopefully AA does work next week...
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    Very Nice In Game

    Choreos seem to be quite identical.
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    Very Nice In Game
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    As you can google by yourself you see it has PCIe. But you need to open the case and tell us what your power supply is. Or do a photo of the printing. And no, 750W is not a valid answer.
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Then open the case and tell us the name. But the 210 supports PCIe. In case it was an OEM pc, throw it just out of the window. The most crucial part on OEM pcs are the power supplies. Mostly of very bad quality which won't allow any upgrades at all unless you change it too.
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Ever and I really mean ever thought about that there is more than the graphic card that determines the FPS? I'm already downsampling 'cause my one is bored.
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    You just have no experience in finishing in FIFA15. I am also searching for the right finish in various situations. What worked in 14 doesn't neccessarily work in 15 now (like every year). You have to learn in which situations a finesse shot is better or not. All I can say is if I don't take the...
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    If you have inaccurate passing, you're doing it wrong. Passing actually is a bit too accurate.
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    Welcome in the 21st century.
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    It's not later enough this day. Xbox hasn't been pushed enough.