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    WC 2010 QF: Argentina vs Germany [P + R]

    Everyone is talking about Arg defence, but i think we have better defence than Germany... Romero Otamendi Demichelis Burdisso (Samuel) Heinze Mascherano Maybe there are two players that arent very famous... Romero: AZ Alkmaar GK, very young, but athletic, good on crosses and with...
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    FC Porto Thread [2009/10]

    Aimar-Saviola vs. Belluschi-Falcao...sounds great. ;) I thinking of gettin those four shirts...
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    FC Porto Thread [2009/10]
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    SL Benfica [2009|2010]

    I hope this means we will see Saviolita in South Africa...and maybe Pablito, who knows...
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    FC Porto Thread [2009/10]

    Apparently, Falcao is confirmed. 5.5 mill to River, and 4 year contract. He is a great player. We will miss him. Falcao + Belluschi. You will win the classic, thats for sure:
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    Manchester United Thread [2008/2009]

    Tevez wants to stay at ManU, that is why he is ''angry''...he doesn't want to leave to Real or Inter... United has the chance to sign a proven player (Tevez), intead of throwing money to another player, like Benzema.
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    UCL: Chelsea FC - FC Barcelona [P+R]

    Chelsea got robbed, but im happy for Barca, now i will watch the final... If something like this happen here in SA...poor ref.
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    An Ultimate Player Achievement

    Tevez with Boca 1, Corinthians 1, ManU 1 1 Libertadores with Boca, 1 Champions with ManU 1 Intercontinental with Boca and 1 World Club Championship with ManU
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    Real Madrid Thread [2008 - 2009]

    Get Crespo, we need him in our NT...!!!
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    70 Argentinian fans hijack buses to get to match

    Every weekend... Try to get the train on a match day... I wonder what was that the police noticed..?
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    Maradona new coach of Argentina

    If Diego wants Ruggeri, it will be Ruggeri...but i would like someone like Brindisi...
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    Maradona new coach of Argentina

    Ruggeri and Brindisi are rumored to be Diego's assistant, only one... I don't like Ruggeri...Brindisi seems more centered.
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    Maradona new coach of Argentina

    Im so f*cking excited about this... Finally diego got his chance. Slohand, Diego was suspended (WC 94) when he coached Racing and Mandiyu, after that he played one more year in Boca and then he retired...
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    Goal of the Week

    Angel Di Maria, in Argentina 1 - Nigeria 0 in the JJOO... Was a beauty...
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    Goal of the Week

    Great shot by Steinsson, but he wasnt trying to do that...;) Here is my pick: 2nd goal of River against Central... Andres Rios from outside the box...
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    Olympic Games | Beijing 2008 | Soccer

    What a game...!!! Messi and Aguero were amazing... But the best was MASCHERANO...!!! And we sold him for only 15 mill. No gold for Brazil... ;) And about Dinho's weight, thats the beauty of football, you can be fat, short, tall, doesnt are good playing it or not...
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    Confirmed Transfers

    Damian Escudero (Velez) -------> Villarreal x U$S 12 mill.
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    Rumours Center

    Sh*t... Radamel Falcao (River Plate) -----> Real Madrid/Manchester United
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    Havelange : "England 66 and Germany 74" were fixed

    Havelange is still alive...?