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    CM 14 and Other Tools by Rinaldo

    Hey there mates, long time not seen most of y'all. Have a problem, I'm trying to start a career with Hellas Verona, but since I've OCD, I've changed the Number and Kit fonts from #2 (default) to #45. Now, when I do that in CM and I save the DB, regenerate BH and everything, when I go to the...
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    Online Gaming

    Hey there, long time no see you boys, my Origin ID is samueljuarezf - MateuFalconer
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    FIFA America's Released 7/5

    Hey jschuck12001 and your team, let me know if I can become helpful on something. I'm making Salvadorean league Div 1 and 2, I've official rosters info, pictures and info on kits, graphics, sponsors, anything. Also, a question, which league IDs are you guys using to allow this to be played into...
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    Patches Forum (Details) Read Me

    Don't know if this is the right thread but, which League IDs were the ones that worked out flawless to create a New League in FIFA 12 and avoid replacing any league?
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    DrDoooMuk Adboards for Fifa 12

    Our thoughts are with you and your family, master. RIP.
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    Keegan's Fifa 12 Thread

    Awesome job, master.
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    church shoes

    A comment like this coming from Keegan it's because it's very true. Your work is stunning, please keep it up. Cheers!
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    Zlatan87's Popups & Scoreboards

    Awesome job. Can we download them? Cheers, amico!
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    Scoreboards by Pinheiro (FIFA 12)

    Check your PM, bro! :D
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    Scoreboards by Pinheiro (FIFA 12)

    Danilo, you could be my hero if you release at least one scoreboard for 1920x1080, the ESPN ones or the Fox Sports. Hope you get time to do it, bro! You know, I tried to do the scoreboard but when I try to save it I get a strange error. I think I better give up with Scoreboards and stick with...
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    Adrizrace44's FIFA 12 Editing Thread

    My apologies, you are right, he made this season's one (this one) but not the FINALE MUNICH.
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    Adrizrace44's FIFA 12 Editing Thread

    Check Darxxx thread. I'm pretty sure he has made it already.
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    Scoreboards by Pinheiro (FIFA 12)

    Hey Dani, I tried to do Scoreboards last night of some local TV station of here (El Salvador) but I failed, graphics seem very blurry. What size do you make the patterns or the images?
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    GlauberBatista (2208binho) Works

    Let's hold our breath and let Glauber work peacefully :) Please!
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    Graphics by VK

    Your work is outstanding man, keep it up. Just a little detail, the sponsor is not Betclick, it's Betclic without K, as far as I know. Other than that, it's fantastic, sir.
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    Scoreboards by Pinheiro (FIFA 12)

    Dani, it worked but when I generated the 5 files on that folder. Thanks man, I'll be trying your work and I might give a shot to the scoreboards. Obrigado!
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    Overlays folder not working.

    You know, I did what you said but I was using only one file: "overlay_2002.big". I created to "overlay_6002" and worked out. I'm using 1920x1080 res but they look really great, I don't think we have to complain. Many thanks, bro. Keep that great job!
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    Scoreboards by Pinheiro (FIFA 12)

    This is why I hate not being able to place the adboards into my FIFA. I'm missing this beautiful work. Keep going, mate.
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    Overlays folder not working.

    Here you go, man: Do you need another screenshot?