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    Ukrainian League Patch 13

    I know, but instead of weak Europe team, not America But, notwithstanding thank u 4 the patch! I like the skills and potential. (Y)
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    Ukrainian League Patch 13

    Ukrainuan NT playing in American Cup, not Europe. :\
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    Ukrainian League Patch 13

    If u can, Ukraine has 1 club in group stage UCL, 1 in qualifications UCL | 3 in Europa Cup
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    Ukrainian League Patch 13

    Metallist Stadium is too dark, no shadows. Nice patch, need more faces from UPL 12 patch, for example
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    TRTua's minikits & kits

    Dynamo Kiev
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    FIFA 11 Kit Template

    minkit template please? (
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    [FIFA Ukraine]: Ukrainian Premier League Patch

    Hello, mates. I haven't been on this forum for ages. On 02 December our team released patch "Ukrainian League" for FIFA 10. There is only Premier League, not 1st, 2nd. Now we are working on 2.0 version, with winter rosters, winter kits and 1st league. It's a pity, but in 1st version there...
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    Help||EA UEFA Champions League 09-10 game

    Because Konami has the exclusive licence.
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    Help||EA UEFA Champions League 09-10 game

    Yep, UCL and Europa League will be in PES
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    UEFA Super Cup Patch by

    It's old GK. Shakhtar wears black GK during this month. And squad of Shakhtar D.. Who is Leonardo?
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    UEFA Super Cup Patch by

    wrong Shakhtar GK..
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    TRTua. Kits and minikits Thread

    Shakhtar Donetsk '09
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    aleXP93' workshop[09]

    FC Shakhtar Ukraine '09-'10 home
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    TheDisciples Fonts

    yep, all works are fantastic!
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    FIFA Baltic's "RTWC 2010 South Africa Patch for FIFA 09" Thread

    As i said earlier, there is no NSK Olimpiyskiy in Ukraine. It's under reconstruction. Ukrainian NT is playing on OSK Metallist, Dnepr-Arena, name Valeriy Lobanovskiy etc. Thanks for the patch And, i have made some minikits for that patch, but i can't find me in credits, but, in all ways...
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    Mogolos Kit Laboratory vol.II

    f**king great!!
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    Geißbock23's Graphic Factory

    nice work here ;)
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    Ukraine is searching for talents

    up. please, ukrainian community need your help..)