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    Is Depth of Field/Blur Effect in FIFA 12 a crap?

    Yes, I hate it. The game looks ugly under it during playing. Any way to remove it away from the gameplay ( I mean only gameplay not replay) ? With regrert, FIFA 12 PC with blur effect looks a beautiful girl but with a huge pimple on her face :( Appreciating if any way to remove the pimple.
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    how to edit turf in fifa 12

    Thanks m8 4 ur info. Link to download it?
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    how to edit turf in fifa 12

    I agree with you. Anyone would help show some turfs ?
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    Turf by TeneCee

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    [REQ] NO blur and more sharpen

    Any modder can help. This is the only thing which makes me feel troublesome with FIFA 12
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    With regret, the link for 1.3 is unavailable to download.
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    I prefer Fifa 09 stadium turf. So any possibility to apply it to Fifa 10?
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    removing bright light in pes2010

    Yes m8, I'm mentioning abt the annoying light at both ends of the ground. And, any solution? a mod, patch ?
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    removing bright light in pes2010

    --topic--- i don't like such bright light. who has the same idea with me ? and possible?
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    fifa 09 turf for fifa10 ?

    --possible ?---- i think graphically fifa 09 is better than fifa 10.
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    And, consider adding a brown turf in v1.1, my maste:)r.
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    Nothing than what i could say now: What a masterpiece! By the way, Duong_The magician from Vietnam, you could earn a lot by it and why not? Millions of PC gamers will be ready to pay for it coz' u have made fifa10 look even better than how it looks on the console. Consider my sincere proposal.
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    Lol, you guy, no problem for my downloading and installing. Plz don't make our Wizard Duong waste his valuable time.
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    Dear Duong, Your green turf looks so great but would u plz consider a brown turf ?:)
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    Great, Duong. Your work may be a Vietnamese masterpiece. I love your Vietnam. :)
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    Issues with Sound

    Guessing you are playing PS2009 under Vista. I tried to install PES2009 under both Vista and XP and experienced that the ambient sound was normal or even loud under XP, but it was so quiet under Vista. I mean it sounded too soft and I had to increase the speakers' volume. For this problem, I...
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    Plz split PES forum

    I don't think PES forum is quiet. So sub-forums for pes older versions are necessary for comfortable browsing.
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    Ok guys, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, please!

    As I guessed, PES 2009 is pes5's gameplay, wearing PES2008's graphical shirt ,though its shirt is a bit worse.
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    Help me, please-big problem

    Did you input your original game DVD while playing? If no, the black screen may happen. Cracked exe is useful to play without DVD input. It's helpful for your good keeping of original DVD disks and dvd-rom. For any game, I usually copy all the DVDs to Hard disk right at the 1st time after I buy...