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    FC Bayern München [2014/2015]

    Just hope that his brother isn't going to cry, if Shaqiri is being benched for a game or two.
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    USA National Team Thread

    Gijon 2.
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    The Cristiano Ronaldo is a SAINT thread

    Messi and Ronaldo are both ****s.
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    The Bundesliga Thread

    The 2. Bundesliga relegation play-offs. Wow. Most amazing game I have seen this season.
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    Confirmed Transfers

    About time they made it official, everybody knew about it for months.
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    The Official Paris Saint Germain Football Club Thread

    Sell him to Qatar and they'll work out a loan deal with PSG.
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    FC Barcelona [2013-2014]

    I think the most important stat are the passes, do you have a comparison with Valdes at hand? I think his ability to act as an extra defender and launch attacks will benefit Barca the most.
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    2013-14 UEFA Champions League Thread

    CONCACAF does it the right way though.
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    2013-14 UEFA Champions League Thread

    Nope, away goals count in ET. That's why playing at home first is actually better.
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    Real Madrid C.F. [2013-2014]

    Congrats! It is sad that I am rooting for you guys nowadays, I used to like Barca, but they have become despicable. Most unlikeable team of all time probably.
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    Confirmed Transfers

    I actually like the deal. It is a free transfer and if it doesn't work out, he can still leave in winter or summer, just like Kirchhoff. And I have no doubt that there are a couple of clubs who would like to sign him. Schalke, Gladbach, Wolfsburg, maybe someone in England.
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    FC Barcelona [2013-2014]

    Quintilla is a piece of shit though. Atleast I think it was him. Acting, diving and always complaining after hard fouls committed by him. Probably got some advice from Busquets.
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    Man Utd 13/14

    So you guys are trying to pull the "Rooney is hurt"-trick again?
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    The Bundesliga Thread

    Sallahi is really good though. He is supposed to be nearly on Alaba's level talent-wise.
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    Arsenal 13/14

    What the hell are you guys doing? 3-0 down against Everton already. Free Özil!
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    Fools. Let me guess. Players complaining about having to practice?
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    New Kits 2013/2014

    Thank god it was an April Fools joke. It's sad that a team actually wore them in the 70's though.
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    2013-14 UEFA Champions League Thread

    United is going to get raped in Munich.
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    Man Utd 13/14

    Oh yes please! Let's give him 20 years, so you guys will end up in eternal mediocrity. Moyes is just not good enough of a coach for an european top team, like most british managers to be honest.