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    My soccer wallpapers

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    Arsenal v Real Madrid | CL 2nd Leg [P/R]

    Don't know what's going to happen but COME ON THE ARSENAL!
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    All new boots coming out [56k users be aware! many/big pics!]

    Mate what you on about! It clearly says R9!
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    Uefa Champions League Draw Friday 16th

    Everyone's looking forward to the Real - Arsenal game, would be funny if it ended 0-0 on both legs and one team had to go through on penalties. :p
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    My Fake Champs League draw:

    Arsenal - Real Madrid, please!
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    Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal F.C [p/r]

    Clash of the titans, this! (H)
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    New Kits 2005/2006

    Just got myself the new France kit and it's brilliant!
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    Roy Keane Leaves Man Utd [R]

    Was his last game for United playing for the reserve side? (H)
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    New Kits 2005/2006

    Looks very good!! Loving it.
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    Imagine having a kickabout in gym and then..

    Fantastic player!! Loved the laughing at the end of the video..
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    Ronaldinho said it was for real....

    If it was fake, I'm sure Ronaldinho would have the integrity to come out and say it's fake. He's not stupid enough to lie about something like that when it can be easily disproven by tech-pros. That would make him look stupid.
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    Ronaldinho said it was for real....

    I saw a video of Portsmouth training and even Laurent Robert could hit to post about 2-3 times in a row. I imagine it's not as hard as we think it is for professional footballers, really.
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    All new boots coming out [56k users be aware! many/big pics!]

    Yes let's spoil it for everyone, why don't we!
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    John Terry sex in car parks

    18 views and 17 replies, hot thread! Oh, and haha at Terry!
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    New Kits 2005/2006

    Japan away is horribly horrible! The home one is not too shabby, though.
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    All new boots coming out [56k users be aware! many/big pics!]

    Maybe it's because he is David Beckham? :chew:
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    Is this Ronaldinho for REAL??

    I'm not sure how real it is, I do have a feeling it is though. Don't they have competitions where they see how many times someone can hit the post and stuff like that? Ronaldinho has pretty amazing skills as well. But I don't know.
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    Robert Pires has set Arsenal a two-month deadline: "Offer me a better deal or I quit"

    I think someone misinterpreted Bob's words. I don't think he'd threaten to quit right after that happened. He had a new interview on Sky and all he said was he would give other teams a thought but his priority was to stay at Arsenal.
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    UCL Group F | Real Madrid CF vs. Rosenborg BK [P]+[R]

    Beckham's form = out of this world.