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    Kit Editing favour - West Ham goalie kit (Please change sleeve badges! - kit inside)

    can't change it for ya, but Daver made a different (but similar) west ham keeper, don't know if it helps but i think it looks great :rockman:
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    GoldenSpike's 2GK Kit Thread [2006]

    ...and the white part around the collar come too close to the nike sign, IMO :)
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    My fonts for numbers for FIFA 06!!!

    Do you plan on doing any more fonts? Those new Puma, Adidas and Nike fonts SURE would look nice in the game (HINT, HINT) :fool:
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    Sundsvalls Kits Thread

    finally got in the game! thank you for your assistance, much appreciated :ewan:
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    Sundsvalls Kits Thread

    thanks for the font info, but when i import it w/ fifa file master, the game crashes. in file master it seems that it is the wrong file size. any help?
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    Rey MisTeRio KITS Shop ™O.o°°o

    for the stuttgart kits, you forgot the bundesliga patches on the sleeves, you forgot to mirror the puma logo on the shorts, you forgot "STUTTGART" on the bottom on the back of the kit, and you don't have a captains armband, but i love the front of the kit :rockman:
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    Sundsvalls Kits Thread

    awesome work :rockman: and silencer, where did you get the milan font? :fool:
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    If you've ever looked around the site, they have a nice feature called SEARCH!!! :nape: Anyways, here's a link to kits curswine made, that I found with the SEARCH key :)
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    Kit install readme?

    Dressing Room Cinema, it lets you see the new kit on the players without having to start an enitre game. Its included in KitRaptor 2.0. With that you just load the .bmp files of the kits you saved and the program imports it for you. Same with BootRaptor, all you need to do is select which...
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    Cabi New Kits Thread

    wow doesn't even begin to say it, jaw-dropping :rockman:
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    Cabi New Kits Thread

    do you think you could make the new germany world cup kits? :$ the home you can probably find everywhere and here's a link to colina's thread with pics of the away
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    Cabi New Kits Thread

    WOW, simply amazing! You just forgot the "ü" in the blue keeper kit, you put Munchen, otherwise, PERFECT! :hump:
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    Hawk's kits thread

    amazing work, but i agree, you need to lower the "Renault Trucks" logo on the back of the away, even with smaller numbers it still clashes
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    Cabi New Kits Thread

    bayern munchen would be greatly appreciated :$
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    [F06]Kits by collina

    nice, but i thought they were supposed to look like this
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    [F06]Kits by collina

    Very nice! :ewan: kinda sucks that we can't place the numbers in the top corner on the front, it would look a lot better if we could darn EA! :kader:
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    santista's kits of....

    Perfect collar! :rockman: the area for the name on the back needs to be dropped down a little, its only partially on there
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    Jay's Fifa 06 Editing

    are those mini's pictures of the real life kits? they look way too real to have been created
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    Installing Fonts

    just rename it to any number you want it to be, such as 450 (t70__450.fsh) and import into the correct zdata, i believe in this case (450) its zdata 8. then just change it in fifadata2006 and there ya go :jambo:
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    curswine's kit thread(no requests)

    Very nice work on the mini's :ewan: ps: love the bayern kits on> amazing work (one suggestion: in my opinion, font 789 in jerseycolornumberid in fifaData 06 looks more like the real font for the home and keeper kit) :)