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    Kitserver 8

    REQUEST: Juce can we have weather setting like previous PES ? Where i can select all match play in sunshine. I seem to play 70% of my league game in rain and evening and its very dark on screen. Thanks for all the kitserver.
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    Kitserver 7

    Somehow kitserver 7.1.0d i able to see the text on top of the formation screen before going into a ML match. But when press START match the game just hang. Btw i did not add any kit in the GDB will the select kit feature work with the kit which imported direct to the .img ? I am using no cd...
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    BritGer Patch 1.0 Multilanguage

    Although this patch has very quality kits and nice scoreboard but it has very bad kit clash problem in Master League game. And due to lack of support i suggest u guys try other patch. Currently i am using this patch:
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    Kitserver 7

    hi Juce & Robbie can i request kitserver to have kit selection between home or away kit in Master League before going into a match ? kitserver use to have this function for older PES version =) I think this is very important features as most ppl are facing kit clash during match in Master...
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    BritGer Patch 1.0 Multilanguage

    no support =( i gonna try other patch. PS: Those who cannot see text at scoreboard u guys forgot to import the file. Find the scoreboard folder and import the necessary file.
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    BritGer Patch 1.0 Multilanguage

    Hi thx for the patch. The kits quality are very nice. I been playing PES2008 patch for a few days and i would like to report some bug. 1) Newcastle "MARTINS" are still in capital letter. I already fix that with edit mode. 2) I have been playing Bolton in Master League and encounter some kits...
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    Kitserver 7

    thx for the kitserver update. Btw JUCE can u explain more specific what exactly LOD switch 0/1 and LOD switch 1/2 different ? so we can actually play with it to get the max setting allow for our PC spec. =) Thx in advance PS: i have read the readme file it only tell us to drag to right for...
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    PES 2008 1.10 Patch Released!

    can any kind soul upload it to filefront pls =) thx in advance
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    Kitserver 7

    Yea i think kitserver name is fine too. Btw from what i thought Kitserver 6 is for PES6, Kitserver 5 is for PES5, why dont we call the next as Kitserver 8 or Kitserver 2008 for PES2008. I think konami finally standardize this series product name and version to PES (year) like FIFA. So there is...
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    Evolution Patch for PES 6

    i think u should. it has nice BGM music and most important fans chant..
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    [PS2] WEPES2007 Salmon Patch.

    can it be use on PC version ?
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    WE:PES2007 Option file

    ENERGIA: hi can i know what e_text and 0_text are u using now ? i tried to use Evo Patch e_text (renamed to u_text) and 0_text but seem both file will crash when enter game. So currently only using the 0_sound and e_sound. And the stadium server mapping are not correct too ?? Currently still...
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    WE:PES2007 Option file

    everlast: thx for the help really appreciate it. energia: great news thx for sharing !! now will have to wait juce to get the face and hair server to support WE2007
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    WE:PES2007 Option file

    sorry one more question how do i lock all the item in the WE Shop with PESFAN6 editor ?? there is a UNLOCK button there but there is no LOCK button. Can help ? i was trying to lock back all the classic team.
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    WE:PES2007 Option file

    Everlast: thx a lot for the map.txt i will modify it to suit my folder name =). Hope some patch maker will use ur option file and make a big patch again. But i guess most of the patch maker are taking vacation now hehe. Thx for the frequent update of your option file =)
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    WE:PES2007 Option file

    Everlast: hi do u use kitserver ? can u upload ur map.txt for kit and stadium ? because my kitserver was for Evo Patch which the club are different from default. Lastly thx for the option file.
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    Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 (WEPES2007)

    ENERGIA: erm if convert from PES6 option file if using kitserver will the hair and face still be wrong ?
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    Kitserver 6

    Juce Juce: Sorry can i make a request ? can u make the kitserver support referee kit too ? is so often happen to have the team kit same with the referee kit hehe. Anyone know where the referee kit location in 0_text ? i wanna change it manually but i think kitserver will be a great help. Thx...
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    Referees patch PES 6 PC

    sorry can i borrow your thread to ask if there anyone know where is the referee kit located in 0_text ? i have been try googling for days but cannot find a clue. Thanks in advance.
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    how to get players into tap-in position?

    Well i am playing 433 also and the problem often happen to me too and sometimes they do stop running and there is nothing u can do about it. Try this, play counterattack mode all the time. Put the CF high up and defense mode low. Dont set the arrow forward because i notice most of the time CF...