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    Pes 2009 Psp

    i have this problem i dont know is it the game fault or my psp fault. when i play PES 2009, before the match start, i could choose what player to play. but when the game starts, it was the different line up from what i chose. furthermore, you know you could press select+ the direction button to...
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    PES 2009 psp

    i encounter this problem and i wonder if is the game default. i have set my formation and i adjust everything to manual. by using the ''select'' + direction of the arrow, i will be able to control the strategy i want. however, in this case, during the game play, the com automatic unable me to...
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    PES 2008 ps2

    hi all. would like to ask if anybody know how to get keeper to come out during corner kick or set pieces. not as a taker, but to act as a forward.
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    winning eleven formation and tactics

    hey thanks, i got it. can i check is it alway the same player that will alway be up. coz i am using arsenal, but somehow oni my CB senderos and eboue or clichy go up, i never see toure go up before. u have any solution for this?
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    winning eleven formation and tactics

    hey i tried it.. but it don't seems working... maybe i do it wrongly.. is it tap L2 + R1 rapidly or just tap it once?
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    winning eleven formation and tactics

    ooooh, thanks thanks. i will try it out. ya correct i am playing on a ps2
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    winning eleven formation and tactics

    thanks, but how do i set my attack to full? under which catagory in the formation setting? mind type out the steps?
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    winning eleven formation and tactics

    anybody know how to set formation, whereby during set pieces like corner or free kick, the defender will be up in the penalty box waiting to head or score?